TM (Transcendental Meditation)

Mahesh Yogi

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Mahesh Yogi created TM

TM (transcendental meditation) created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the most extensively researched of all the meditations. Mahesh Yogi got an M. Sc. in Physics before becoming a yogi.

He became world-famous in the 1960′s when the famous American music group Beatles came to learn meditation from him. Even Ph.D. work has been done on the effects of TM. There are over 350 published studies on TM in prestigious scientific journals.

The scientific research on TM showed that the TM practice produces a state of rest and relaxation deeper than sleep. That it reduces anxiety and stress, lowers high blood pressure, strengthens immune system. Students who practiced TM got better grades or more marks.

The long term benefit seems to be slowing down of the aging process. Five-year TM meditators were tested to have 12-year younger biological age as compared to people who do not meditate.

Sleep versus meditation

During sleep, we rest and relax. As a result, the need for oxygen reduces. We consume less oxygen. Experiments have shown that 20-minute practice reduces the oxygen consumption to less than the oxygen consumption after about 5 hours of sleep.

Lower oxygen consumption means a more relaxed state (also called deeper relaxation). It means you are more relaxed in meditation than in deep sleep.

How to learn TM

To Learn TM, you have to go to a trained teacher who gives you a mantra and teaches you TM.

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