Osho Dynamic Meditation

The following is taken from the book “Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy by Osho”.

Dynamic Meditation is Osho’s major technique and the technique upon which many of His other meditations are based.

The technique can be practiced individually or in a group.  If group meditation is possible, the energy will probably be more powerful and the results particularly potent.  It should be done with an empty stomach, with eyes closed or blindfolded, and wearing a minimum of clothing.

It is suggested that it should be practiced in the early morning.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

First Stage

Ten minutes of deep, fast breathing through the nose.  Let the body be as relaxed as possible; then begin with deep, fast, chaotic breathing-as deep and as fast as possible.  Go on breathing intensely for ten minutes.  Don’t stop; be total in it.  If the body wants to move while you are breathing, let it; cooperate with it completely.

Second Stage

Ten minutes of catharsis, of total cooperation with any energy that breathing has created.  Let the emphasis be on catharsis and total letting go. Just let whatever is happening happen: do not suppress anything.  If you feel like weeping, weep; if you feel like dancing, dance.  Laugh, shout, scream, jump, shake-whatever you feel to do, do it!   Just be a witness to whatever is happening within you.

Third Stage

Ten minutes of shouting hoo-hoo-hoo.  Raise your arms above your head and jump up and down as you continue to shout hoo-hoo. As you jump, land hard on the souls of your feet so that the sound is forced deep into the sex center. Exhaust yourself completely.

Fourth Stage

Fifteen minutes of stopping dead, as you are.  Freeze! Whatever position you are in, stop completely.  Energy has been awakened through breathing, cleansed through a catharsis, and raised through the Sufi mantra hoo.  Now allow it to work deeply within you.  Energy means movement.  If you are no longer throwing it out, it will begin to work within.

Fifth Stage

Fifteen minutes of dancing, of celebration, of thanks giving for the deep bliss you have experienced.

An alternate form of Dynamic Meditation has been introduced by Osho for those who are unable to make noise in the location where they do the meditation.  In this alternative technique all sound is kept inside, rather than being thrown out.  For those who can enter into it fully, it is a very deep form of meditation, as the energy is kept inside and thus can move deeply within.

The stages are the same as above.  Allow your body to explode into catharsis in the second stage, without making any sounds.  The release, the purging, will be done totally through body movement. Don’t suppress anything.  If you want to scream, allow the scream to be expressed through the body.  Then, in the third stage, hammer the sound “hoo” deep inside.  Keep the sound inside, but be total with it, intense with it.

Osho Dynamic Meditation is also called “chaotic meditation”.

If you want to learn just one Osho meditation, this is the one.

I learnt it once for 3 weeks, where I got up early to go for this meditation. It makes you feel light and fresh like nothing else.

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