Osho Natraj Meditation

The following is taken from the book “Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy by Osho”.

Osho Natraj Meditation is the famous dance meditation.

Osho Natraj Meditation

Osho has spoken often about dance as a technique. It has been used by many.  When the dance is there, the dancer is not; only the dance exists.

Many of Osho’s techniques use dance; the Nataraj is only dance.  It is dance as a total meditation.

First Stage

Forty minutes of dancing. Let your unconscious completely take over. Dance as if possessed.  Do not plan or have any control over your movements.  Forget witnessing, observing, awareness – just be totally in the dance.  The dance will start at the sex center and then move upward.  Let it happen.

Second Stage

When the music stops, stop dancing immediately, lie down, and for twenty minutes, be perfectly silent, perfectly still.  Vibrations of the dancing, of the music, will continue inside.  Allow them to penetrate to your most subtle layers.

Third Stage

Stand up; for five minutes, dance in celebration.  Enjoy.

Osho Natraj Meditation is great if you have slightest interest in dancing. If not, even then it is worth trying a few times to see if you like it.

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