Why Run a Race With Your Hands Tied Behind Your Back?

Do you know that there are many who run the race towards their goals, but with their hands tied behind their backs (by their own choice)?

Wonder why anyone would be so crazy to not to use their power of choice and untie their hands and run to 100% of their capability?

You know, so many students do the same regarding their competitive exams.

They work hard.

They join coaching.

But, they don’t use the study techniques and they don’t learn simple techniques to use more of their mind power and achieve maximum in the limited time all of us have available.

I hope you are not in that group.

5 Most Important Steps
to Prepare for Your Exam

Internet has changed our world and even our minds.

It’s harder to concentrate for long periods, you’re quicker at scanning, and you feel rushed (in a hurry).

The old methods of using too much course material no longer works. Here is a method perfectly suited for the Internet age.

Step 1: Use good course material

Get the best course material or notes and learn from the best teachers you can find.

Join a good school/college and join a good coaching for this purpose.

Step 2: Use time after attending school/college and coaching classes

Plan how you can get use the maximum from the available time.

Step 3: Learn for the first time

Learn each topic for the first time – you may do this in a classroom or by self study. Focus on conceptual understanding. For some subjects, this also requires solving numerical or mathematical problems.

Step 4: Deepen your learning

Practice what you learn a few times to deepen your understanding, so that you really become confident in each topic.

Step 5: The Biggest Memory secret

As you know, through the ages, people have remembered GitaMahabharatKoranBible by repeated reading/hearing them.

I tell my students, “revision or repetition is the mother of memory.”

You have to regularly revise what you learnt days, weeks, and months before. That is the only way to remember and be able to write in the exams to get the maximum marks/rank you deserve.

Have separate revision plans for working days and for weekends and holidays.

What can you do to maximize your success?

Here is the secret: Get the best tools and techniques, so you can use your mind power, your talent, your abilities, and your time for your maximum benefit.

I have helped tens of thousands of students just like you to be more effective in their studies and get more success.

Whenever you are ready, we are here to help you:

Use Mind Machine (Electronic CPU + Mind Glasses + Programs)
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What is the main difference between a smart, hardworking student who gets success and another who fails to get a good rank they deserve

When I talk to smart students about this secret, they are always surprised.

Their eyes open wider. But, once they hear about it, they know for sure that it is true.

It is the answer I tell to question “What is the #1 secret of high rank?”

Answer: First let us be clear: I am not saying everybody can get high rank.

The issue here is to get the highest rank you are capable of and deserve based on your IQ, hard work, coaching, etc.

For example, if there are 2 students with similarly high IQ, and they join the same coaching classes, and they share a room and they both work hard.

In this case, who is going to get success depends on just this one thing:


The next question is “What can you do so you make minimum number of silly mistakes?”

Answer: Learn techniques of mind power, stress management, deep relaxation, confidence, …

I recommend :

3 Minute Imagination Exercise for Your Success …

This 3 minute exercise will help you prepare better and get more success … a gift from me.

Imagine that you are taking exams and you are very well prepared and confident and you read questions comfortably and answer questions confidently.

Imagine you going to the Internet to see the results and as you see the results you realize that your dream has come true … your parents and friends and relatives and teachers and well wishers … all congratulate you … you are confident of a bright future … of contributing to your family … making a name for yourself … making an impact on the society ..

Now, your body-mind is flushed with good emotions. Remember this state. Do this exercise each time you sit down to study.

Mental Conditioning Coach Helped Indian Cricket Team Win the World Cup

If Sachin, Dhoni, Yuvi, Sehwag need mental conditioning coach for peak performance, how about you?

Here is what Times group newspaper Ahmedabad Times of April 5, 2011 wrote in an article …

Note that even the best cricketers in the world need and can benefit from mental conditioning.

Paddy Upton was the mental conditioning coach for the Indian team.

Let us ask one question: If mental coaching can help a team in a game like cricket to perform their best, can it not help students to take exams and prepare for the exams in similar way?

The answer is: Yes, it will help.

For the past 2 decades, I have been helping students gain an edge and to perform to their best ability.

If you are preparing for a tough exam, now is the best time to get our courses and mind machine.

Click below for more ideas …

Links to More Articles

Here are more articles on mental conditioning of India Cricket Team:

What are “Accelerated Learning” and “Exam Mastery”

“Accelerated Learning” is Whole Brain Learning/Memory

There’s a world-wide explosion of advanced techniques for accelerated learning, supercharged remembering, and peak mental performance.

The publication of the book Superlearning by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder made superlearning or accelerated learning techniques popular. These help you use your whole brain (both left brain and right brain) for learning and memory.

I was member of the SALT (Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching, USA) that is working hard to bring the benefits of accelerated learning to schools in USA. Many programs for schools have been supported by the American federal or state governments. (It is really unfortunate that in India, NCERT, good private schools and other important institutions are not open-minded enough to bring these revolutionary discoveries from around the world to our schools. My hope is that the situation will change in the next 10 years as India gets richer and parents start learning about these advances and start demanding from good private schools).

The book Superlearning reports: The Washington State Department of Health and Social Services reported that by using Superlearning techniques, Indochinese refugees learned English five times faster. At Iowa State University students learned Spanish seven times faster. And from Australia’s Woden TAFE College, John Wade revealed, “I have used the Superlearning technology with adult migrants learning English. The results from controlled experiment … show that long term memory retention increased sixfold.”

Why I Created “Exam Mastery” Program

(You get it as part of Mind Machine ALEM package)

I created “Exam Mastery” to help you master taking exams with speed, accuracy and confidence without stress or nervousness.  I created It because I understand its value through my own bad experience of nervousness in class X.

I used to be fearful and nervous because the exams were so important. I would ask myself, “What if I fail? What will I do then and how bad it will be for all in the family?”

My fear and nervousness lead to mistakes in class X board exam. For example, in English paper, I wrote an essay on “Delhi” in place of “Diwali”. I got only 48% in “Social Studies” whereas my average in Physics, Chemistry, Maths was 88%.

I have no way to find out why I got only 48% marks, but it could have been that I messed up things because of nervousness.

For example, in my Maths paper, I answered questions very rapidly and was left with about 20 minute to revise. As I started to revise, I was shocked to find out that I had done first 3 questions wrong (being in hurry and nervous), but fortunately I was able to correct them just in time.

My mistakes appear stupid and silly to you and me, but they were serious mistakes which cost me top 10 rank in class X (I got rank 24 which goes unrewarded and unrecognized). I don’t want to imagine what I would have lost had I continued to make similar mistakes.

Even if you are very confident in your subjects, but if you feel slightly nervous, fearful or worried about the exam results, you can benefit from Exam Master and avoid mistakes.

You can get Mind Machine here: www.MindMachineLab.com


Learn How to Use Will and Shall Correctly in 2 Minutes

Let me give you a shortcut from our research.

It is called the Bapna’s Will/Shall Rule:

  • For speaking, always use WILL. During my 7 years in USA, I never heard anyone useSHALL.
  • For writing and for exams, use LL like I’ll, You’ll, he’ll, she’ll, they’ll. This short-cut ensures your sentences are always correct.

As you can notice, with this short-cut, you’ll always be sure of yourself about using will or shall and never hesitate, which means you’ll be fluent. On the other hand, grammar books take 5 to 10 pages to teach will/shall usage that students fail to remember after a week or even after a day.

If you like this, get our complete Fluent English Speaking Course.

How I Got Interested in Exploring the Power of the Mind

Because a Jain Muni Cured My Headache When Doctors Could Not in 7 Years

I used to have severe headache from class 1st onward and it continued till class 7th.

In the meantime, my parents got me all kinds of treatments, including 15 days at AIIMS in Delhi. I used to miss half the classes and used to cry because of the headache.

Then, fortunately, Shri Pundaric Sagar ji, a Jain muni cured my headache within a few weeks with blessings.

That was my introduction to the power of the mind.

That is where my passion is, and that is why I am dedicated to helping students to use more mind power for success in exams.

There is nothing more important for me than to train students to use more mind power and get success because that is the best way to pay tribute to the guru, who saved me from pain and suffering and sent me in the direction of success.

If you don’t already have, get them because they can give you an advantage in competitive exams and change your life: Mind Power Exam Maximizer , Mind Power Music , Mind Machine

How to Use Your Imagination for Exam Success

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”
–Albert Einstein

An imagined experience and a real experience have almost the same effect on your mind. Let us see some examples to understand and experience the power of imagination.

Basketball training and imagination

In a 30-day research experiment, students were divided into three groups. One group did not practice the game of Basketball, the second group practiced on playground, and the third group practiced only in their mind for one hour daily. The results: the group that did not practice did not improve. The group that practiced improved 24%, and group that practiced only in mind improved 23%. This experiment showed that practicing in your mind alone improves sports performance almost as much as doing real practice.

First, let us prove the power of imagination for yourself

Imagine you are returning from the market to your house. You can see the house. You enter it. Now go to the kitchen. Go and take a lemon from the usual place. Feel the lemon in your hand. It is a big, yellow, juicy lemon. It has good lemon smell. Now get a knife. Hold the lemon in one hand and cut it with the knife. As you cut the lemon, a fine spray comes to your face. Feel it. Now you have two halves of the lemon. Lift your hand and put a half of the lemon into your mouth. And squeeze it. Feel the lemon taste.

Can you feel the saliva in your mouth? This shows the power of imagination. Your mind and your body do not know the difference between you really eating a lemon or just imagining it. The body response (as a result of the mind response) is the same in both the cases. Your mind/brain remembers this imagined experience as the real experience.

Imagine yourself achieving success

Suppose you really gave a program on TV, and you were the star of the program. Suppose that your performance was very good. Everybody gave good comments. Next time when you give another TV program, will you feel self-confident? Yes. You will feel confident because you have already done it once.

The imagination techniques give you the power to experience success before really achieving it. So with the new experience, when you really go for exam, interview, or a TV program, you will feel self-confident.

To make imagination more powerful and more effective, enter into a relaxed or meditative state and then imagine achieving success.

To benefit from the unlimited power of your subconscious mind, I recommend Genius CD and my course Mind Power Exam Maximizer which gives many techniques, tricks, and builds skills to propel you ahead of others.

Benefits of Mind Machine

Benefits of Mind Machine are So Amazing, Many are Skeptical at First …

Mind Machine

When people hear of mind machines for the first time, they are naturally skeptical, but after seeing the scientific proof from universities, people start to believe.

And it is after using it just once, do they finally believe that “yes, there can be something so powerful and effective.”

     It is easy to get the results with mind machine because all you have to do is use the proven mind machine when you sit to study and when you go to sleep. Of course, you continue to work hard for maximum success.

Gives You Many Benefits …

Modern mind machines offer many benefits including:

  • Enter the “learning state” in 7 minutes
  • Wake up a little of the genius inside you (that you may not have discovered yet)
  • Maximize your memory power for exam success
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Get more marks and better exam results
  • More confidence in yourself
  • Overcome stress and study in relaxed way
  • Feel energetic and motivated
  • Study longer without getting tired, bored, and unmotivated
  • Get the maximum benefit from your hard work and coaching
  • Better studies with mind machine gives you confidence to achieve your goals
  • Write exams confidently and avoid silly mistakes which immediately puts you ahead of others
  • Get the benefits of meditation (such as change brainwaves, improve intelligence, etc.) without years of hard practice
  • Deeper sleep to wake up refreshed with energy
  • Increased creativity
  • Better problem solving
  • Peak performance
  • Better health because of stress management and more

Continue for more details …

Difference Between Mind Machine & Mind Power Exam Maximizer

They are totally different.

  • Mind Power Exam Maximizer is a course material that teaches you skills and techniques that you learn and practice.
  • Mind machine is an electronics device where you use headphone and glasses for 7 minutes, it does its work of changing your brainwaves, so you can begin to study longer with more concentration and better memory.
Mind Power Exam Maximizer Mind Machine
It is a course that teach you a complete system of secrets, skills, and techniques, which you need to practice to become good at learning faster. For example, you learn techniques to read faster and to revise in systematic way. It is an electronic device that has hardware plus programs. The same hardware works with different programs. Examples of programs are: Accelerated Learning and CAT/GRE Vocabulary.
You learn the skills and techniques over weeks and practice over weeks to become better and better at your studies. For example, you have to practice reading faster initially with newspaper, magazines, etc. Nothing to learn. The mind machine simply does two things:(1) Changes your brain waves so you are in a state of relaxation and without stress, so your mind works better, you focus better, study better.(2) You hear 2 stories (a different story in each ear) which are so complex, nobody can understand both simultaneously. After a few minutes, our mind stops trying to understand, and then the messages you hear as part of the stories program your subconscious mind for changing beliefs. For example, you’ll hear “You have great memory. You remember whatever you study.
Details at: www.MindPowerIndia.com Details at: www.MindMachineLab.com

Which One to Order?

I know how a student can feel frustrated and helpless because there is just too much of course material to finish but not enough time.

To maximize your success, you have to solve this problem. What you need are both these:

  1. Mind machine (Accelerated Learning & Exam Mastery) to help you learn faster and avoid silly mistakes when you write your exams.
  2. Mind Power Exam Maximizer, which teaches concepts, skills, techniques to enable you to revise more in less time and in a systematic manner, so you can get maximum result from your hard work.

Note that hard work alone is not enough because for all tough exams in India, only about 1 to 4% people get success and from 96% to 99% people fail.

You need both the Mind Power Exam Maximizer System and the Mind Machine to find unique ways to amplify your abilities and talents to skyrocket your success.

Which you should go for first depends on what is the biggest issue you are facing.

Some of my students have only a cycle (not motorcycle, just cycle) and want to select just one course first.

The right course depends on your specific needs:

  1. If you want to learn and practice skills / techniques to improve your learning efficiency, then Mind Power Exam Maximizer is the right choice.
  2. If you want to become more effective in learning by changing brainwaves and changing beliefs, then Mind Machine is the right choice.

Everybody needs both. So, the question in your case is what you can afford and what is the biggest challenge you are facing.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…

What is our deepest fear?

Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are younot to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

by Marianne Williamson
Book: A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles
Used by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 inaugural speech

Do you realize this …

You deserve success and towards that you can choose do your best.

For success in competitive exams, one thing you can do to greatly help you is our mind machine.

Failed in 2 Attempts But Topped in 3rd in CAT for IIM: A CAT Topper’s Success Secret

Discover the Difference Between Failing in CAT 2 Times (98 percentile) and Becoming a Topper (100 percentile) in 3rd Attempt

Here is what one of the CAT toppers “Ayush Kedia” (Assistant System Engineer at TCS who did BE in Computer Science from NIT Durgapur in 2008) says in an interview to the magazine Career360 April 2010 issue:

As you can read on the magazine page above, Ayush says, “So, this time round, I devoted all my time to English and that’s what made the difference”.


The secret for you from Ayush’s interview: The path for engineers to IIMs goes through focus on “Verbal Ability”.

It means that it is not enough to work hard but you have to work HARD-SMART. What it means is that you have to work hard, but with right focus in the right direction, and using the best support available to maximize the results in the limited time you have available.

For example, Ayush Kedia is the same person who took CAT exam 3 times, failed 2 times, yet topped the 3rd time. How is it possible? For the first 2 times, perhaps he divided his time equally for the 3 papers, but only after failing 2 times, he realized that the way to work hard-smart is to focus just on “Verbal Ability”.

Find out how you can master vocab the fastest way: CAT Vocab Mind Machine

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in English (Speaking)

When English Used to be a Humiliating Experience for Me …

We all have great teachers who encourage best in us and brighten our lives.

We also have those who mean well but use negative language that is very discouraging.

Let me tell you about an English teacher I had in class 9 …

I went to a very small neighbourhood school that had only 2 rooms and a few teachers. All students of KG and First class were in one room and class 2 to 5th were in second room. I was in class 3 and there were just 3 students in class 3. I hardly learnt anything.

Then I went to a good government school in class 6 in Ajmer in Rajasthan and they started with ABCD again.

So, when I reached class 9th I was truly weak, never had talked to anyone in English. My English teacher Shri Rameshwar Prasad ji was a typical teacher of that era 1975… he would ask me to stand up and ask “active passive” and “direct indirect” and I would always answer wrong… then his favourite comment used to be this: Karamheen Kheti Kare, Ka to Balad Mare, Ka Kal Pade (English translation: when a lazy farmer wants to grow crop, either the bull dies or there is a famine).

It was a routine humiliating experience for me.

I Continued Struggle …

I continued to struggle with English during the first 2 years in Pilani (during my B.E. studies). I continued to try various ways to learn it. For example, I spent 2 months to read “The Guide by R K Narayan” because I did not know so many words.

And, Finally An “Overnight Success”

Finally, I mastered English and eventually in 1990 became a bestseller author in USA when my second computer book on MSDOS bestseller. I became an “overnight success” in English that took 12 years (now you can benefit from it). Here is the letter I got from the editor.

Just 2 years later in 1991, I returned to India and co-founded “Mind Power Research Institute” with my brother Dr Anil Bapna to help students. We co-authored a book on English that simplified English. That book eliminates 60 to 80% of mistakes for students in about 2 weeks. Then they learn to write and speak in powerful and effective way.

If English / communication is an area you want to improve, get our expanded course. It is more than what you’ll ever need. It will work for you even if you have tried books/classes before without much success. Click here:http://www.MindPowerIndia.com/english.php

My best wishes for your success,

Raj Bapna

PS: By the way, a professor of English can still find some mistakes in the article above. But, that is not important at all to me because what is really important is that I know how to use English in a way to convey my ideas to you and to motivate you towards your own success and greatness.

How to Easily and Quickly Memorize Some Spellings that Many Students Get Wrong

Here are easy and quick tricks for remembering some spellings. Once you go through these, you’ll automatically remember most of them. To permanently remember them, you can come back and revise once or twice more. My best wishes for you.

principle, principal – A principle is a rule. Notice that both the words “principle” and the word “rule” have the letter “e”. The principal in a college is the main person there.

stationary, stationery – You write on stationery. Or, stationery uses envelopes. Notice the letter “e”.

arithmetic – Use this sentence: A Rat In The House May Eat The Ice Cream. The first letter of each word in this sentence makes the spelling ARITHMETIC.

believe – Believe has a “lie” in it.

committee – MM, TT, and EE met in a committee.

conscience – Does science have a conscience.

desert – One “s” because it is so dry.
dessert – Two “s” because it is so sweet.

separate – To spell separate, just remember that it contains “a rat”.

cheque – Cheque comes in a “Q”.

entrance – There is no “enter” in entrance. That is, the word “enter” is not within the word “entrance”.

To discover more such simple and powerful tips to improve your English, I recommend our complete course (as seen in India’s number 1 English monthly magazine Competition Success Review): Fluency English Course


Raj Bapna

Difference Between American and British Spellings: Some Useful Words that Many Students Get Confused About

Here are some of the common American and British spellings that cause confusion and errors for students. Please note that in India, we generally tend to use the British spellings, but there is a trend towards the American spellings now.

American Spelling British Spelling
acknowledgment acknowledgement
catalog catalogue
check cheque
color colour
favor favour
hemoglobin haemoglobin
humor humour
installment instalment
jewelry jewellery
judgment judgement
labor labour
meter metre
neighbor neighbour
pajama pyjama
parlor parlour
program programme
rumor rumour
theater theatre

Do you feel hesitation, frustration or fear when you speak in English even though you can write?

Do you face any of these difficulties and problems?

  • Do you avoid speaking in English because you feel fear or hesitation or because you may make mistakes and look stupid?
  • Do you lack confidence when you express ideas to others in English? Are you very weak in English speaking?
  • Are you missing out on big opportunities in life just because of lack of confidence in English?
  • Do you feel frustration or do you feel depressed when seeing that you are being left behind in life by others who are not even half as good as you?
  • Have you been working hard and struggling for long time trying to become good and fluent in spoken English but not getting success to the level you want and having a sense of frustration and helplessness?

If you answered yes to any, you may want to check out our powerful course.