New Research in Brain Science Proves that You are More Capable than You Think

Chapter 2

This chapter tells interesting facts about the new research in the science of the brain.

This chapter has no techniques. It gives you scientific facts that show that you are smarter than you think. This is the only chapter without techniques in this book. This chapter helps you understand why the techniques in this book work. So, do not skip this chapter.

Scientists have learned more about the brain/mind in the last 20 years than in the whole history of humanity. People who have made these discoveries in the brain/mind include neuro-scientists, brain surgeons, psychologists, electronics engineers, and scientists from many other related fields.

Scientists say that most people use less than 10% of their minds. More than 90% of each person’s brain is unused.

The Structure of the Human Brain

Let us learn about the structure of the human brain.

The physical or biological brain

This diagram shows the human brain.

The human brain has two parts: a left part and a right part. These two parts are connected by a corpus callosum (made of millions of brain fibers). The convoluted outer surface of the brain is called the cerebral cortex. This is so much convoluted in human beings only and it is the basis of human intelligence.

The human brain

The brain cells are called neurons. An average brain contains about 15,00,00,00,000 (1500 crore) neurons.

Neuron or brain cell

A neuron has a center called the nucleus and branches called dendrites. Each neuron is connected with many other neurons. Current scientific knowledge is that these connections are the basis for all learning and memory.

We can imagine the brain as a huge network of connected neurons. This network is far more complex than the complete telephone network in the world.

Some scientists have calculated that the total possible connections among neurons are more than the total number of atoms in the whole universe!

The specialization of the left brain and right brain

In the 1960s, a doctor removed the corpus callosum for some patients who suffered from a seizure. Dr. Roger Sperry studied these patients. He discovered that the left brain and the right brain specialized in different modes of thinking and perceiving. Dr. Sperry won a Nobel prize for this breakthrough research.

The left brain is the logical part. It controls speech, words, and language. It is methodical and tends to think in a step-by-step logical fashion.

The right brain is the creative part, it thinks in images and colors and it can remember complex pictures and songs (music). It thinks in an intuitive way rather than a logical way.

Is it not surprising that we can recognize hundreds or thousands of songs? This fact proves that we all have an excellent memory, but we just do not know how to use it for study and exams.

The specialization of the left brain and the right brain

These two half brains do not work like separate departments but in an interconnected and collaborating way. The left brain and the right brain exchange information through the corpus callosum.

Diagram representing the logical left brain

The left brain controls the right part of the body and the right brain controls the left part of the body. The left brain is the manager, the critical thinker, the accountant, etc.

Diagram representing the artistic right brain

Children use both the left brain and the right brain. As a result of the emphasis on left-brain activities in our schools, our ability to use the right brain is reduced.

Many of the techniques in this book teach you how to use both your right brain and left brain together. And as a result of using my techniques, you will use more of your brainpower.

The conscious mind and subconscious mind

We use the conscious mind when we knowingly think or do something. Something like the working of our heart is not under conscious control. It is the power of the subconscious mind that makes our heartbeat about 72 times per minute regularly for up to 100 years.

The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. But it is not under our direct control. It functions based on information stored in it. It stores all kinds of information from the day the child is born. It even stores information that you are not consciously aware of. For example, a witness to an accident could not tell the car’s license plate number, but under hypnosis (hypnosis helps reach the subconscious) he gave the correct number.

The techniques in this book help you use more of your subconscious mind for greater mind power.

Adult Brain Can Grow

Scientists had believed that the physical brain size – number of brain cells, weight, etc. – is based on heredity.

New experiments have now proved that external stimulation of the brain or “enriched environments” can significantly increase the brain size, size of neurons, and the number of certain cells.

Amazing results from new research on rats

In one experiment, rats were divided into three groups.

Group 1 was kept in ordinary cages.

Group 2 was kept in cages that had less sound and less light called a “poor environment”.

Group 3 was kept in cages that had games and challenges called “rich environment”. Many experiments gave the following results in all cases the rats raised in enriched environments showed:

  • Increased thickness of the cerebral cortex or “grey matter”
  • 15% increase in the actual size of individual neurons (brain cells) in the cortex
  • An increase in the protein in the brain is proportional to the increase in the cortex weight, proving that the growth was on brain tissue rather just fluid content
  • Increase in the dendrite branching. (Each brain cell connects with other brain cells by dendrites.)
  • Increase in the number of dendritic spines per unit length of dendrite. (Dendritic spines are thousands of little projections covering the surface of dendrite.)

In other experiments, scientists discovered that rats that lived in a poor environment for a long time, quickly developed intelligence when exposed to an enriched environment.

If rats were kept in an environment that was too challenging and stressful, the rats did not show enrichment and they suffered mental problems.

People can become more intelligent with age

It is a popular belief that intelligence decreases with age. Now it has been proven that, with proper nutrition, the brain does not lose cells but keeps growing. This results in more intelligence even after 70 or 80 or 90 years of age.

Brain Waves, Brain States, and Brain Chemicals

When you drop a small stone into the water, you see waves. Similarly, our heart and our brain have wave patterns. The wave pattern of the heart is measured by ECG (electro cardiograph). The brain waves are measured by EEG (electro encephalograph).

Using brain wave studies, scientists have discovered that our brain waves are of four types.

The brain waves also have peaks that are similar to the peaks we see in water waves. The number of times the peak appears in one second is called “cycles per second”. For example, the electricity in India is 50 cycles per second.

Beta (13 to 25 cycles per second)

This brain wave indicates that your conscious mind is in control. It indicates a mental state of logical thought, analysis, and action. You are alert and awake talking, speaking, doing, solving problems, etc.

Alpha (8 to 12 cycles per second)

This brain wave indicates relaxation and meditation. It is a state of relaxed alertness good for inspiration and learning facts faster.

Theta (4 to 8 cycles per second)

Deep meditation. This is associated with life-like imagination. This is best for suggestibility and inspiration. This brain wave is dominant in children of age 2 to 5.

Delta (0.5 to 4 cycles per second)

Deep dreamless sleep. Deep relaxation.

The left brain and right brain work together

Usually, the left brain and the right brain waves are independent. They reach peaks independent of each other. During meditation and deep relaxation, the left brain waves and the right brain waves happen together. For both, the peaks are reached together. This is called synchronization. Scientists now believe that synchronization makes much greater mind power available. This is associated with creativity and learning large amounts of information very quickly.

Brain chemicals

Scientists now believe that there is an electrical and chemical basis for every imaginable mental state.

Brain self-control

Scientists had long believed that brain activity such as brain waves and secretion of brain chemicals were beyond conscious control. But, experiments on Swami Rama of the Himalayas (who now lives in the USA) and on biofeedback have now changed that belief. Now it is proven that some people can control their brain waves, etc.

Experience the Magnetic Power of Your Mind

Your mind is capable of getting exactly what it wants. Many psychologists have called the brain a “goal-seeking mechanism”. Here are a few exercises to prove to you that your mind does have the quality of a magnet to see what it wants to find. Look at the diagram of a square below.

Try to find this square shape in the complex image below it.

The following diagram contains only one square like this square.

Many figures are close enough, but only one is identical square. Just look at this drawing and your mind will automatically find the square.

Experience the magnetic power of your mind

So, have a purpose in mind whenever you read anything. When you have a specific goal, your mind finds it.

It is a good idea to just look through or scan anything before reading it.

New Scientific Breakthroughs in Mind Technologies Help You Improve without Effort

New mind technologies (scientific music and mind machines) are being developed all over the world to help you learn faster, remember more, learn subjects such as vocab, relax deeply, reduce stress, improve the functioning of your brain/mind, to build positive-empowering beliefs, to eliminate negative-limiting beliefs, to help you get success.

Mind technology is one of the most exciting fields of research in the world today. For the first time, now scientists are understanding how to make great improvements in the functioning of any person’s mind. Many new audio programs and machines are being designed to greatly improve the functioning of the human mind.


The author’s parents use a mind machine for meditation

Lakhs of Users Of Mind Technology Revolution Worldwide

It is estimated that over lakhs people in the world are now using mind development-related technology.

Michael Hutchison, the famous American author, was so impressed with the Mind Machines that he started his best-selling book Mega Brain like this:

“You sit down in a comfortable chair, put on the electrical headgear [headphones, eyeglasses, etc.], flip a switch on the small control by your hand, close your eyes and sink into a state of deep relaxation. Thirty minutes later as you turn off the machine and remove the headgear, you feel extremely alert and lucid. Your brain is now functioning far more effectively than it was before. Your memory-your ability both to memorize new information and to recall information you have already learned-has increased dramatically. Your ability to think creatively, and to solve problems, has expanded. The speed with which your brain cells pass messages among themselves has increased. In fact, many of your brain cells have actually grown-a microscopic examination would show that the brain cells have developed more dendrites, the branching filaments that carry messages from one cell to another and more synapses, the junctures between brain cells across which impulses are transmitted. You are more intelligent than you were a half-hour before.”

Mind machines use various types of mind technologies to change brainwaves to alpha, beta, theta, or delta for the desired purpose and to enhance the abilities of the user.

Over Five Lakh Users in India

More than five lakh people in India are already using the mind tech we developed.

Students are Using Mind Technology for Super Intelligence, Better Memory, Faster Learning, Vocab, Exam Success, and more…

In addition to enhancing mental ability, intelligence and IQ, students are using these audio programs and machines for better memory, faster learning, vocabulary, and exam success.

Executives and Others are Using Mind Technology for Creativity, Relaxation, Meditation, Peak Performance, Deep Sleep, and more

Executives and other people are using these audio programs and machines as a new effortless way to manage stress for good health, better job performance, or other numerous benefits from reducing stress.

Hypnotists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, professors, religious gurus, and other people interested in psycho-technology, brain wave synchronization, altered state of consciousness, self-hypnosis, clinical hypnosis, bio-feedback, peak performance, and deep sleep are using these audio programs, and mind machines.

Two Key Goals of all Mind Technologies

1. Brainwave Entrainment

The brainwave entrainment technologies (binaural beats, frequency following response, DAPS, etc.) are used to change your brainwaves to the desired state of relaxation, meditation, sleep, or wakefulness. This by itself offers the wonderful benefits of meditation. Next, if desired, in the state of mild or

deep relaxation, you are presented information for achieving specific goals such as memorizing your English vocab or building new empowering beliefs.

2. Empowering Beliefs

Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions (DAPSTM) and Subliminal Messages are used to break through any limiting beliefs/barriers and to build positive, powerful, empowering beliefs, offering you new options and choices for your greater success in life.

What Osho Rajneesh Says about Mind Technology

Here is part of what Osho, one of the greatest religious gurus ever, says in his book Meditation: The First and Last Freedom:

“… these high-tech mechanisms can be of tremendous use in the right hands. They can help create the kinds of waves in your mind so that you start feeling relaxed as if half asleep … thoughts are disappearing and a moment comes that everything becomes silent in you. That is the moment when the waves are those of deep sleep. You will not be aware of this deep sleep, but after 10 minutes, when you are unplugged from the machine, you will see the effects: you are calm, quiet, peaceful, no worry, no tension; life seems to be more playful and joyous. One feels as if one has had an inner bath. Your whole being is calm and cool…”

Can Mind Machines Provide Enriched Environment for Brain Growth and Expansion

Yes and that is the main reason behind the worldwide explosion in the use of mind machines during the last 10 years. Their benefits include the following:

  • Increase intelligence, Improve memory
  • Reduce stress and tensions, Instant meditation
  • Use both sides of your brain, Instant hypnosis
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins, Increase mental clarity
  • Increase creativity, problem-solving
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Deep sleep

Mind Machines Available in India

What is a mind machine? A mind machine is equipment that empowers you to change your brain waves for the desired alpha, theta, etc. states for the desired benefits/learning/goals.

The Mind Machines give you an unfair advantage over others. Imagine a race where you are in a car and others are on cycles or foot. Surely, you have an unfair advantage and can easily win such a race.

Advanced Mind Technologies

What research are the mind machines based on? How do they work? These are questions that most people ask when something new is presented that is different from what they have seen or heard about.

Even though these mind machine inventions are new, the fundamentals that these mind machines are based on, are not new. Like many inventions, these mind machines were developed by experimenting, discovering, and utilizing the very best of many different mind technologies.

And because of recent computer advances in hardware and software, we have been able to create mind machines that are really easy to use and quick to benefit from. They give you results in as little as just 10 minutes or even in just 3 minutes. And equally important, we have been able to reduce prices to about one-third of what they would cost 10 years before.

Let me list the mind technologies used in these machines:

  • Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix
  • Accelerated Learning, Whole Brain Learning/Memory
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming and DAPS
  • Ganzfield, Subliminal Messages and Energizing Sound Patterns

And, now let me briefly explain to you how Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix alters your brain waves.

When a slightly different sound vibration or frequency is delivered through each ear, instead of perceiving them as individual sounds, the mind combines them to “hear” a third frequency and it is called the binaural beat.

When this happens, experimenters can measure increased levels of bilateral synchronized brain wave activity at the frequency of the difference between the two tones.

Thus, binaural beats can be used to help/teach people how to achieve alpha or theta states of calm attention in which it is easier to learn, meditate or relax. The phenomenon of binaural beats was first used as mind technology by Robert Monroe in the 1960s. Monroe found that part of the brain, called the olivary nucleus, begins to resonate with the binaural beat. This phenomenon is called brainwave entrainment or FFR (frequency following response). The olivary nucleus sends signals upward into the cerebral cortex that mix with the existing brain wave patterns to produce noticeable changes.

Monroe finally found that with certain frequencies, he could produce a unique and coherent brain state and he called this state hemispheric synchronization or Hemi-Sync for short.

Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix, the mind technology developed by us and used in all our mind machines, uses binaural beat technology, but it is far more complex and advanced than just using 500Hz and 510 Hz for the two ears. It is based on years of research and development to discover what combinations work best for focus/concentration, memory/learning, relaxation, etc. It is designed for producing brainwave entrainment or FFR effect and hemispheric synchronization.


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