Three Big Mistakes of Exam Days and How You Can Avoid Them

Chapter 12

A single major mistake can mean failure in a competition. This chapter is to caution you against the possibility of some such major mistakes.

This is the Biggest Mistake Many Students Make on the Night of the Exam, and they don’t Even Know

You should sleep enough on the night of the exam. If your exam is for one day, then it means that you should sleep enough that night. If your exams are for several days, then it means that you should sleep enough on all those exam nights.

I learned this from my own mistake. In 10th class, my last exam was for “Social Studies”. All other exams were over. I had done all the exams to my satisfaction. Since “Social Studies” was the last exam, I thought I should study a lot for that exam. I thought I could sleep for many days after the exam. At least for the last exam, I should not sleep much. So, I studied till 2 a.m. at the night. Then I set an alarm to wake up at 4 in the morning. So I studied hard. I slept only for 2 hours. At 10 in the morning, I went to the exam. My exam was good and I was happy. But, when the results came. I got an average of 84% marks. I got an average of 88% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. But, I got only 48% marks in “Social Studies”.

If I had got better marks in “Social Studies”, I would have got a rank on the merit list. This was a good lesson for me and I decided not to study “too much” on exam nights.

Relax, Read Questions Slowly, and Don’t Hurry in Exams

I learned this lesson also by making a mistake in the 10th class exam. It was on the English subject. It was also the very first Board (state level) exam for me. I had not learned to relax yet. I used to do things in a hurry. Even in the exam, I was in a hurry. I completed the paper 10 minutes ahead of time. I was reading my answers to check for any errors. It was a shock to find out that I had written an essay on Delhi instead of Diwali. It should have been written on Diwali. But I read it as Delhi. Only one or two minutes were left when I found out my mistake. I was able to cross out some of “Delhi” and replace it with “Diwali”. I have no way to know how many marks I lost because of that mistake. From that mistake, I learned to read the questions slowly in a relaxed way. Then think and plan my answer. This has helped me greatly.

Take Special Care of Your Health During Exams Days

If you become ill, then your performance in the exam will not be up to the best of your abilities. You will not be fully rewarded for your efforts and your knowledge. So, you should take care of your health. For example, do not eat anything on the street or in hotels because those things may have bacteria and cause some disease. Do not lift anything too heavy. And do not do anything that can cause you body pain or give you a disease. Do not do too much exercise.


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