What is the value of one additional mark – Rs 5 lakh, Rs 1 crores, Rs 5 crore, or more …

If a student easily achieves success in competition, then an additional mark may not be very valuable. But if that additional one mark will turn failure into success, then it is worth a lot.

Here are two cases:

  1. First, the student tries again and succeeds the next year. So he looses the salary for one year. That also means that he may be working one year less before he retires. He will lose the salary for the final year of his career and that salary could be Rs 1 lakh or even more per month.
  2. Second, a student does not succeed. For example, if someone fails for the third time in ICS/IAS, he will not get another chance. That means getting a smaller salary. If you add the difference in the earnings for a lifetime, it may add up to many lakhs / crores of rupees.

But money is not all. There are other important advantages of success such as better job, pride of achievement, more respect, more self-confidence, more satisfaction, greater security, etc.

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