The Most Important Secret of Mastering Any Subject Faster

Learn More of Less

And, NOT Less of More

This is perhaps the simplest secret and also the most obvious.

That is why perhaps it is missed by almost everyone.

Almost every student [and others, too] tries to learn more and more things from more and more books and because the time before the exam/competition is limited, they learn less and less from each.

What is much more easier, faster, and effective is to learn more from less, which means from less books, from less gurus, from less teachers, as well as less topics and less subjects.

For example, I have kept this article so short. You still understand it and start applying its lessons immediately for your own success.

Try it for one week. Limit the number of books and the number of things you try to learn. And, try to learn more of less, so you can spend more time and become better at it.

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Master your subjects,

Raj Bapna

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