How Can Enriched Environment Help Enhance Your Mental Capabilities and Performance

Is it that mind machine and mind power music provide your mind with an enriched environment that helps enhance your mental capabilities and performance?

Before we can answer the question, let us look at research.

Amazing results from new research on rats

In one experiment, rats were divided into three groups. Group 1 was kept in ordinary cages. Group 2 was kept in cages that had less sound and less light called “poor environment”. Group 3 was kept in cages that had games and challenges called “rich environment”.

Many experiments gave the following results: in all cases the rats raised in enriched environments showed

  • increased thickness of the cerebral cortex or “grey matter” 15% increase in the actual size of individual neurons (brain cells) in the cortex
  • increase in the protein in the brain proportional to the increase in the cortex weight, proving that the growth was on brain tissue rather just fluid content
  • increase in the dendrite branching. (Each brain cell connects with other brain cells by dendrites.)
  • increase in the number of dendritic spines per unit length of dendrite. (Dendritic spines are thousands of little projections covering the surface of dendrite.)

In other experiments, scientists discovered that rats that

lived in poor environment for long time, quickly developed intelligence when exposed to enriched environment.If rats were kept in an environment that was too challenging and stressful, the rats did not show enrichment and they suffered mental problems.

In USA, Doctors Now Advise Old People
to Play Video Games, Do Crossword Puzzles, …

No wonder, old people find video games as enriched environment.

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Create enriched environment and win,

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