Tell Me About Your Biggest Problem Regarding Motivation, Laziness, Confidence, Procrastination, Energy, Time Management

Time Management

by Moyan_Brenn under CC BY-ND


Please tell me the biggest problem you are facing regarding these issues and also tell me what specifically you would like me to do to help you overcome the problem.

IMPORTANT: Write in Detail: When you write below, please write in detail. For example, just saying “my problem is time management” does not tell much. Write in 2 parts:

  1. Explain the exact difficulties you are facing.
  2. Tell what all things you have tried that have not worked.

The more complete detail you can give, the better I can understand and the better I can try to help.

Please write full readable spelling (that is say “the” and not “d” and say “have” and not “hv”) and don’t write in all CAPS because such replies are likely to be deleted.

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