What is Your Dream (My Friend and Student Sets Big Record in Insurance Industry)


My main focus is to help students get more marks and success in exams and competitions.

But, a few of my students / clients are professionals and their goal is to help make more money and to have more and bigger customers.

Here is a recent email I got from someone in Ahmedabad.

Mr Bhalla set a record in India in the insurance industry. He has insured one person for Rs 400 and is working on insuring another for over Rs 800 crore and I am sure you realize that he gets a very nice commission (my guess is that he gets Rs 20 lakh to over Rs 1 crore from each such achievement). He’ll get more and more fame over the coming years and can continue to work even after the normal retirement age and continue his successful journey.

I do not show this to you to impress you. I get impressed by results such as these and ask myself, “Is my knowledge really responsible for helping people achieve such great success?”. I feel I just showed the path and techniques and they did all the work.

Here is the email from my Gmail account:

What would be your dream success?

Just the process of thinking and answering the above question will help you move in the right direction.

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I wish for you to achieve such big success (and even bigger success) in life,



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