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Best of Expert Enough

1. Do Shortcuts Exist to Becoming an Expert?

During launch week we asked 23 experts whether they thought there were shortcuts to becoming an expert. Their answers may surprise you.

2. The Expert Enough Manifesto

As the cornerstone of this site, the Expert Enough Manifesto lays out our creed. Learn More. Do More. Be More. This post was so popular that we ended up turning it into a physical poster you can order.

3. Pushing Your Body to Physical Limits: How to Train Like a Fitness Badass

We proudly featured a guest essay by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits in which he describes how he trained for and completed the GORUCK challenge; one the most physically demanding events in existance.

4. Stop Wasting Time Being a Perfectionist & Make More Bad Stuff

While a lot of focus can be spent on getting the best possible results, being a perfectioinist can cause you to hesitate so much that you never try anything new or challenging. In this essay we push you to “make more bad stuff” and move forward.

5. Welcome to Expert Enough: Why We Want to Be at the Top of Your Reading List

In our launch day post we explained why expertise is relative and why we think terms like “know-it-all,” “jill of all trades” and “renaissance man” are compliments.

6. A Brief Guide to Becoming an Expert

In this post Corbett laid out 5 simple steps to achieve expertise: Learn, Practice, Challenge, Measure, Repeat.

7. 2 Psychological Studies Reveal How To Practice Like An Expert

This guest essay by Gregory Ciotti goes in-depth to two studies about how experts practice and what you can learn from how they laser focus their learning.

8. How to Shoot, Edit and Publish Online Video: 5 Free Resources to Get You Started

This compilation of resources includes some of the best places online to learn how to create high quality videos, either for the web or for your own use.

9. 5 Ways to “Fake It Till You Make It” as an Expert

Featuring the two girls of {r}evolution apparel, this essay explains how they were able to reach321% of their Kickstarter goal.

10. How to Run a Marathon and Live to Tell the Tale

This guest post by David Damron lays out a step-by-step plan on how to run a marathon; from couch to finish line.

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