Deposit into SBI A/c

Pay to Our SBI Bank Account via Deposit of Cash or via Cheque or via Online Transfer

You DO NOT need account in SBI bank

Bank Account Info

Name of Bank: State Bank of India

Bank A/c no. (11 digit): 37 127 751 484
Account name: Franklin International
Branch Code (BSR): 0011406
Branch: Sector 4, Hiran Magri, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
(Account Type: CA or Current Account)

In this method you save because you don't have to give bank fee for making a DD and don't have to pay speed post / courier.

You can deposit / transfer payment into our SBI bank accounts in 3 ways:

  1. Net banking / online

  2. Local cheque (you can have account in any bank) with deposit slip

  3. Deposit cash with deposit slip

After Deposit,
Please Send Email or Phone

After depositing the money, please email to both these email addresses and (even if you have previously sent information) with following details:
  1. Mention in email subject line: Order (give code or name of product /course or item code)

  2. Mention the amount and the date of deposit / transfer

  3. Mention how you paid:
         (i) by cheque deposit (give check number) 
         (ii) by cash deposit 
         (iii) by online Internet transfer (give transaction id)

  4. Write your name and address with PIN code and phone.
    Important: Mention your phone number for fastest delivery.

How to Fill the
Bank Deposit Slip

Note: This example below shows a deposit slip filled up for paying Rs 8,365 by Cash to our SBI account. You mention account number and company name in shown as red colored circle, amount in words in pink colored circle, and details of amount in green colored circle.

Please note that your name is only at the bottom as signature. Please keep the counter foil (on the left of dotted / perforated line above) for your records.

You can take a print out of this page when you go to bank.

If there is any confusion, you can ask the bank staff to help you fill up the deposit slip.