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How to Study Physics Effectively with Memory Maps for IIT

The Only Course that Allows You to
Revise a Lot of Physics in Less Than 3.5 Hours to Develop Your Expertise and Exam Confidence in Physics...

Get Full Benefit from Your Coaching and Hard Work...

FREE: Below, you'll get Memory Map
on the important topic of Moment of Inertia.

Totally Different
from notes of coaching classes that are over 1000 pages

by Raj Bapna, who has helped over 3 lakh students over the past 20 years, based on his own research and experience as well as from the best in the world. He holds BE (BITS, Pilani), MTech (IIT, Kharagpur), and was an engineer at Intel in California, USA

What Are Students Saying...

I Got Admission to B.Tech. from IIT Madres

"... I bought your Study Techniques and Memory and Concentration... when I was in my 9th std. Then I used your Phy, Math and Chem for IIT-JEE... I got B.TECH Electrical From IIT Madras. Did my ME in Telecom from IISC, Bangalore and now I am working in Tejas Networks, Bangalore as an R&D engineer. My future plan is give a knock-out punch to Civil Service Exam in 2 years."

-- Vinod Kumar, Bangalore

I Got Selected in IIT

"I had joined your Physics and Chemistry courses and now I got selected in I.I.T. I am very thankful to you."

-- Hemant Srivastawa, MP

Because there is too much to study and
not enough time, you have to find powerful shortcuts


Don't Use More than One BIG 1000 Page Book or Course

Don't use more than one big 1000-page book or course. Can you revise such a book/course 10 times or more in one year? Certainly not. Revising such a course even 2 times is hard.

What is important for IIT is to master what you know and be confident and avoid silly mistakes, so you can get maximum marks that you deserve.

Unlike other books and courses, Memory Maps for Physics, saves your time with rapid revision.

2 Ways to maximize
your success in JEE
(Main and Advanced)
Join Kota-Type System and
Use More Mind Power

  1. Join Kota-type system and
    learn from IIT-educated teachers

    Some coaching classes and schools are combined, so you only attend the school but the classes are taught by IIT-educated teachers.
  1. Use Mind Power & Study Techniques

    Our proven techniques are becoming more and more popular and important to IIT aspirants.

    Learn to use more mind power to study continuously with concentration, to revise quickly, to remember more in less time, and to take exams confidently without stress, anxiety and nervousness enabling them to get the most during the exam from the hard work.

Best Solution: Do both - join Kota like coaching and learn to use more mind power & study techniques.

FREE: An Important Memory Map,
So You Benefit Immediately

  First of all, let me give you part of the Memory Map for Moment of Inertia. As you look at this diagram, do you realize that you can revise it (after you learn it once) in 1 to 2 minutes?

  And because revision is the mother of memory, this rapid revision can give you solid confidence of being correct of basic formulae and relationships in Physics which are extremely important to help solve problems and to avoid silly mistakes.

  This can make a difference between success and failure in the extreme high pressure exam situation because good performance in the exam is so important for your future career and dreams.

Memory Map for Moment of Inertia

How to Memorize "Moment of Inertia" Memory Map

   This is one of the most difficult and most important topics in Physics.

   Look at the diagram above and close your eyes. Try to recall the main shape of the diagram.

   Now identify the main connections from the center. That is from the center THICK RING, there are 3 connections going, one to right, one to left, and one to bottom. To right, it connects to DISC, which has 5 more connections: 3 to right, 1 top, and 1 bottom.

   In this way, you can remember the main frame of the diagram.

   After the main frame, you can remember the details, for example, the shapes of THICK RING or SPHERE or HOLLOW SPHERE, and associated equations or graphs or any other information.

   What is described above is just one method. You can develop your own method to remember the Memory Maps.

If You Dream of IITs or Medical...

    Raj Bapna photoIf you are interested in success in IITs/Medical, this is the most important message you'll ever read.

  First of all, congratulations on your decision. Why? Because IIT-educated people are spread across the world doing great work. You can be one of them.

   You will learn new ways to study, revise, and remember.

   You have already seen a memory map of Moment of Inertia and how memory maps help you to master Physics and avoid silly mistakes.

   My goal is to help you to get maximum benefit from your hard work and coaching.

      Now let me tell you about

Systematic Rapid Revision:
the Most Powerful Memory Technique

     Here is a fact about our memory: Without revision, we forget 82% within 24 hours.

     We may guess that we remember less and less as time passes. But there is a surprise. We remember better at about 10 minutes after the learning finishes.

     The reason for this strange memory phenomenon is simple: at the moment learning period finishes, the brain has not had enough time to organize and store the last items. It needs a few minutes to store, organize, and integrate the last items.

  The memory decreases sharply after initial learning. We remember only 18% after 24 hours. We forget 82% of all that we learn within 24 hours!!

     This is a very important fact for you to remember.

     So, you must revise in a systematic way to get the maximum benefit from your hard work.

     Do you realize that the most powerful memory technique is about how to do revision in a systematic way?

     The Memory Maps for Physics make it possible for you to revise many times because they are designed for revision and not for learning Physics for the first time.

How Important is Physics
for Your Success?
Here is What 2nd Topper in JEE Says...

   Many successful students say Physics is very important.

   For example, in an interview for India's No. 1 Science magazine "Junior Science Refresher", Mr G. Venkatesan, the 2nd topper in IIT entrance said "I had ordered Brilliant's and Agrawal's courses to equip myself with good study material and... I felt that JEE Physics paper would be the most crucial... so I sought help...for proper guidance in Physics".

   Just like this IIT topper, many others also feel that Physics is most crucial for IIT exam. So, if you can master Physics and get many more marks than other students, then it will be much easier for you to get admission.

Other Students Don't Even Know
Such Techniques Exist...

You Can't Find My Memory Maps in Any Other Books or Courses or Notes No Matter How Much You Spend

   The memory maps are different and unique because they come from Mr C S Humad and my own original research & development, refinement, improvement and testing to prove that the techniques really work.

   What it means is that you learn techniques that other students don't even know exist, which keeps you ahead of others in competitions.

     Before I tell you more, let me first tell you 

How Was this Course Developed?

 Not Like Any Other Course
"I Did Not Develop the Complete Course Myself But Teamed Up With the Best Teacher in High School Physics I Have Ever Met To Enhance My Techniques Even More and Prove Them Before Bringing Them to You"

     If you are curious, here is full story of how we developed this course...

     In 1991 I left USA where I was once an engineer for the Intel Corporation (of Intel Inside computers fame) in California and returned to India to do something good for students in our own country.

     So, I developed a course called Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques to teach students how to use more mind power and how to get maximum success in the exam. This course has benefited thousands of students over the years.

     One of the important techniques in the course was called "Memory Maps". Hundreds of students asked me for Memory Maps for Physics so they could master Physics for success in JEE.

      I asked myself: How can I create the most useful course in Physics that can dramatically increase the success potential of students?

      First, I wanted to base the course on my experience of how I got 69 marks of 70 in Chemistry, which was the highest in Rajasthan High-School Board and helped me to get 5th rank. Strangely, Chemistry was not my favorite subject. In fact, I did not even like it.

     Without boring you with full detail, let me just say that I started revising Chemistry in a special way so I could revise it in just 3 hours and I repeated it once in every 3 days.

     This repeated revision rewired my brain and I simply memorized these things, ready for the exams. This new approach of rapid revision also helped me win NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) scholarship from NCERT.

     Second, I decided to use the same concept of Memory Maps, to make it easy to revise many times and master Physics.

     With the above two important ideas, my goal became to create a really powerful course that students could revise in a few hours, and get results similar to what I was able to get.

      Combination of memory maps with rapid revision will help you master better than what I was able to achieve. You can and should do better than me.

    But, I knew that developing the best of the best Memory Maps was hard for anyone and so I needed an able and committed partner.

    Who would that person be?

     So I went to Mr C. S. Humad, who was my Physics teacher in high school many years back. Without a doubt, he was the single best teacher I ever had... he was even better than my college Physics professors and I wanted his best ideas combined with my own memory maps techniques and rapid revision techniques to help students. Mr Humad readily agreed to this important challenge.

     Together we started developing Memory Maps for Physics for rapid revision and within a couple of years had the first version of the course ready. Hundreds of students have written telling how this course helped them achieve their dreams.

     The original course has now gone through many subtle improvements and is the best and most powerful ever. I am extremely proud and enthusiastic in presenting the course to you now so you can benefit. I very much advise you to benefit from research and hard work of Mr Humad and myself. You'll thank us for it.

But, They Don't Teach You This

     Surprising but true: You have been studying many subjects for 10 or 12 years in schools, coaching or tuition. It is very sad that, nobody teaches you how to make scientific notes for better memory to study for success. They just focus on giving you more and more detailed information on Physics.

      My Memory Maps for Physics course helps you revise much faster and remember more, so that you can be more sure of success in your JEE.

     As a reader of this page do you realize how lucky you are because now you know how to master Physics so you can be even more sure of your success.

You may be asking yourself

Who is Raj Bapna and What Makes Him
an Expert to be Able to Help You

     Let me start by confessing that I am not a genius. I wouldn't go into my humble beginnings. But I can say my father was an honest government employee who owned a bicycle.

     I was lucky to get NTSE scholarship (NCERT) and 5th rank in Raj High School Board. I was also fortunate to study BE at BITS Pilani and M Tech at IIT Kharagpur.

     I myself had only bicycle during my studies and job, and never had a scooter or motor cycle before going to USA, where I bought my first car, a Toyota.

     In USA, I was again lucky to work as Software Engineer at Intel Corporation in California USA and at several other companies and became author of best-selling computer book Tricks of MS-DOS Masters, published by McMillan, USA. I even flew between California and Oregon on a 4-seater airplane on official work as an Intel engineer. I don't tell this to brag but it impresses me and I want you to know that I am devoted to helping you get more success.

     In USA, I was member of Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching and learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). At the peak of success in 1991, I left USA and returned to India to help students and do good for our own country.

     Almost for 20 years now, I have been focused to find the best answers to questions: What differentiates good students from great? What is the difference between good students who get super success and who do not? How can ordinary students become good and how can good students become great?

What are Students Saying...

Bringing a Drastic Change in My Life...
Received Offers from MIT and Harvard

"Your Memory Maps were terrific. I really found that your Memory maps were bringing a drastic change in my everyday life. I began to concentrate more on my studies... I have received offers from MIT, Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, Yale, ... I am very indebted to your excellent coaching..."

- C Avinash Shivram, Anantpur (AP)

Got Selected in IIT

"I had also ordered Brilliant and Apex for IIT and PMT. I am more than 100% satisfied with the Memory Maps. Without your help, I cannot think about IIT JEE."

-- Jagmohan Mittal, Haryana

What Do You Get in the Course
"Memory Maps for Physics"

You get Memory Maps for Physics including Definitions/ Rules/ Principles (101 pages big size). The table of contents is given below.

Table of Contents

S.N. Topic Page
- Welcome 2
- Why Memory Maps for Physics 4
1 Units & Dimensions 5
2 Work Power and Energy 7
3 Gravitation 9
4 Laws of Motion 11
5 Wave Motion 14
6a Circular Motion 16
6b Moment of Inertia 18
7 Collision 20
8 Elasticity 22
9 Surface Tension & Capillarity 24
10 Simple Harmonic Wave 26
11 Friction 28
12 Kinetic Theory of Gases 30
13 Thermodynamics 32
14 Radiation & Conduction 34
15(a) Electrostatic 36
15(b) Electrostatic 38
16 Capacitor 40
17 Current Electricity 42
18 Electronic Semiconductor Devices 44
19 Magnetic Effects 46
20 Magnetism 48
21 Electromagnetic Induction 50
22 Alternating Current 52
23 Reflection of Light 55
24(a) Refrection of Light 57
24(b) Refrection of Light 59
24(c) Refrection of Light 61
25(a) Interference 63
25(b) Diffraction 65
26 Dispersion of Light 67
27 Huygen's Principle 69
28 Atomic Structure 71
29 Nuclear Physics 73
30 X-rays 75
31 Photons & Photoelectric Effect 77
32 Hydrostatics & Hydrodynamics 79
33 Definitions/ Rules/ Principles 82

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1. Memory CourseTM for Physics

This 210 page course has 33 chapters that present concepts, diagrams, formulas and equations in at-a-glance unique way that is easy to memorize and easier to recall during exams for your success.

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Topics Covered: Structure of Atom, Periodic Table and Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Nuclear Chemistry, Behaviour of Gases, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Solution, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamic, P-Block Elements, Transition Elements, IUPAC-Nomenclature of Organic Compounds, Reaction Mechanism, Alkanet, Alkene, Alkyne, Alkyl Halide, Alcohol, Aldehyde and Ketones, Carboxylic Acid, Amines, Benzene, Toluene, Nitro Benzene, Aniline, Phenol, Name Reactions, Some Important Reaction

3. Memory CourseTM for Numerical Chemistry

10 Chapters: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Equilibrium, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Chemistry, Solution, Chemical Kinetics, Solid State, Electrochemistry.
Each chapter has three sections: Tools for Numerical Problems, Problems, and Typical Problems

How Frequently to Revise Memory Course for Chemistry: Revise this course at least once per week. Revise it 2 times per week if possible. For very difficult chapters, you may like to revise even more times so that you can remember them faster.

4. Memory CourseTM for Maths

Topics Covered: Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry (2D and 3D), Differential Calculus, Integration and Differential Equations, Vectors, Probability, Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)

Because other courses have 1000 or more pages of Maths, you can't revise enough number of times. But, my new method makes revision and mastery of fundamental Maths possible because it has fewer number of pages.

Discount Prices

  Title MRP Discount Price
1 Memory Maps for Physics Rs 895
Rs 595
2 Memory Maps for Physics and
Memory Course for Physics
Rs 1,345
Rs 970
3 Memory Course for Chemistry and
Memory Course for Numerical Chemistry
Rs 1,100
Rs 695
4 Memory Course for Maths Rs 795
Rs 595
5 Best Offer (Diamond Package)
All the 3 Above: Phy + Chem + Maths
Rs 3,240 In India, Rs 1,970
Outside India:
Rs 5,700

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