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Parents' Guide

How to guide and help your son or daughter to do their best in exams whether they are in preschool or in school or college

Parents frequently ask me for Tips for Their Son or Daughter.

Many tell me they are willing to spend any amount of money. They say that money is not a limit for their children.

What is a parent's single
biggest responsibility

I am a parent of a boy and a girl and I know the biggest responsibility we have as parents is to guide our children in the right direction. This is more important than anything else we can do for our children.

Here is what I have learnt from my own life experience of 17 years as a father and also from various experts, and I hope it helps you and your family.

For all children of all ages

  • Don't make "unhealthy" food items as rewards. For example, these should not be rewards: chocolates and toffees and soft drinks (including colas and even bottled fruit drinks.)
  • Never force feed your child. Long back when I was a child, my friend's mother used to offer him money for each chapati he ate. Such behavior on the part of parents KILLS the JOY of EATING, which is nature's gift to all living beings. It is just in human beings that well meaning parents kill that joy.
  • Don't force (or repeatedly suggest the same) any activity on to your children such as painting, dancing, swimming because the very "act of force" kills the joy. If you do so, your kids may end up hating that activity. What you can really do is expose the children to such activity as "I am wondering if you want to see if you will like swimming".
  • Good idea to have no soft drinks and junk food in your fridge at all.
  • Good idea to have avoid food/drinks in house you don't want your children to eat because whatever you cook or buy will all get fished faster than you expect.

For children up to age 5

  • Encourage activities and games that require physical movement.
  • Have discipline yourself and avoid the TV. That means: Don't expose the little kids to too much of TV. Keep TV to absolute minimum.
  • Expose them to classical music of India
  • Expose them to western classical music (specially baroque music of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi)
  • Expose them to colorful things and shapes of all kinds
  • Take them to parks (make sure there is not too much pollution)
  • Don't enforce early educational training
  • Have a "no TV day" once every week

For children from age 6 to age 11 (class 1 to 5)

  • Encourage them to take up music of any kind. Make sure you get a kind and generous teacher.
  • Encourage them to do physical activities and games
  • Have the discipline yourself to study something with them--either classroom related work or something else of their interest
  • Teach them any relaxation or meditation techniques
  • Teach them a few good study habits
  • Try to have "no homework day" or "no homework evening" once a week
  • Buy for them a music keyboard or piano
  • Get Mind Power Exam Maximizer course and learn yourself and teach your kids those techniques you find particularly valuable

For children class 6 to 8

  • Encourage them to take up or continue with their hobbies which could be from arts (music, painting, drawing, dancing, etc.) or games
  • Encourage them to study for school daily for sometime
  • Encourage DAILY physical activity (exercise, games, etc.)
  • If possible, encourage them with Maths and English
  • Discuss with them what it means to have good study habits
  • Buy for them a music keyboard or piano
  • Try to have "no homework evening" once a week
  • Get them Mind Power Exam Maximizer and and work with them to understand what new skills they are building and what new techniques they are learning

For children class 9 to 12

  • If they are to go for a tough exam such as IITJEE, AIEEE, CA, Defense, or for going to USA, then encourage them to fully understand that the exam will be extremely important for their lives, and so they can focus / concentrate on studies.
  • Encourage DAILY physical activity (exercise, games, etc.)
  • Order for them Mind Power Exam Maximizer and Mind Machine.

For children in college

  • Now that your son or daughter has grown up and is somewhat independent, you should not and cannot force your ideas and desires on to them. BUT, as a parent, it is your responsibility to guide them.
  • If they are preparing for a tough exam such as CA, IAS, UPSC, BE, Medical, Net, GATE, for for going to USA, then allow them relaxed place/time to focus / concentrate on studies.
  • Encourage DAILY physical activity (exercise, games, etc.)
  • Encourage them to participate in activities that build confidence and leadership qualities such as acting/drama, public speaking, organizing non-profit activities and events
  • Encourage them to improve English communication because that will help them life long to be more effective in their career and business
  • Order for them Mind Power Exam Maximizer and Mind Machine