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Raj Bapna's Mind Power Exam Maximizer ...

How to Study and Revise Better
to Remember More of What You Learn

Why Are Studies & Exams So Hard In India
And, What Can You Can Do About Them

Competitive exams are extremely important because success or failure makes a big difference to the future of the student and his/her family.

So, families make big sacrifices.

And, students even feel forced to study hard because they may be responsible for creating family’s future, taking them out of hard times to better times, happiness, prestige, respect of others.

But, unfortunately teachers and coaching institutes make a big mistake.

Before I tell you the mistake and how to avoid it, let me tell you

a story about Karate
(because I once used to learn Karate daily)

Consider 2 class mates who are preparing for a Karate competition 100 days away.

There are about 100 Karate skills to learn and they take difference approaches to preparation:

  • First student decides to learn one new skill daily.
  • Second students decides to focus on just 10 skills and decides to repeat and master them.

In competition, these 2 students have to compete against one another.

Who do you think will win?

If you said "Second student", you are right.

Now ask yourself

"Are you focusing on learning new chapters / topics or are you focusing on repeating them again and again to master them?"

Why is the above question so important?

To understand the answer, let us take example of IIT-JEE exam, which is the entrance exam for admission to IITs.

Most serious students take coaching, and yet the marks they get are so low, that the minimum to quality in advanced JEE is 7% in each subject and 24.5% in combined.

That was lowered this year to 7%, but was 10% before. Why? Because not enough students were crossing 10% to fill all seats.

Ask yourself

What is the cause of such low marks?

Do you think it could be because the coaching institutes / teachers think their job is to teach you once and take test once and after that it is your job to repeat many times and remember.

The lesson for you is that

"Repetition is more important than learning for the first time"

There is nobody else teaching this.

Only my course is focused to teach you "Systematic Repetition" and "Topper's Daily Routine".

"I had doubt before ordering ...",
says Deputy Collector of Chhattisgarh …

Prem Prakash Sharma
Deputy Collector

Yes, I had doubt before ordering book. I waited for 1 year to order it. I read first chapter of this book from my friend Mr. Younus Raja Beg. After that all doubts disappeared .

Before ordering book I was working hard but getting less.

This book gave me many ideas for learning faster and remembering better. My reading speed increased. Student can learn importance of revision for long term memory. Use of vitamin for better brain function is something people never cared before. ...

I am now deputy collector in government of Chhattisgarh. I reached here via a competitive exam. Cracking State Civil Service for a middle class, government school Hindi medium boy from a small town was not an easy task. Your book helped me in better reading and remembering. My parent's blessing and my hard work made my dream come true.

I always talk about this book when it comes on study techniques. As this was the first book I found deals with study techniques and asks you to work on your own need, rather than those books of motivation which asks you to feel confidence even when you need it most.

My Story and
Why I Can Help You

Raj Bapna photo Hello ...

My name is Raj Bapna. A former engineer from Intel in California, I now live in Udaipur Rajasthan, where I was born.

For years, I struggled as a student because I studied hard but not smart.

I got good marks but nothing great upto class 10th which caused me to worry a lot about my future: studies and career.

It was not my fault because teachers had never taught me any secrets.

Then I discovered a secret/technique, and just one year later ... I got 5th board rank, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, and as a result studied at BITS and IIT, and joined Intel in California… but returned to India because my passion is to help students to get success and achieve greatness.

For almost 25 years now, I have been helping students like you. The real secret why my students make big improvements so quickly is that I do my own research and also get training from the best in the world.

I learn from the best

Richard is the genius behind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
His work has revolutionized the understanding of how to use the mind
more effectively for many purposes. His students include a large
number of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mind/brain experts.

If you are preparing for an exam that is very important to you and your family, get this course because it has the best of what I have learnt in 25 years of helping students.

Package 1
Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques

This is the only course fine-tuned over the past 25 years that combines 5,000-year old Indian techniques with latest developments in learning and brain research.

You'll learn everything you need for maximum success: how to study, how to revise, how to read faster, and much much more...

And, It Helps You to Study ALL Subjects for All Exams ...

GS, Maths, Physics, English, Accounts, History, etc. So, it helps you for your exam, whether you are in school or college or in job.

Let me show you how exactly you'll benefit ...

Discover the Single Most Important Secret of Memory Power and Sharp Concentration

Listen carefully. If you get nothing else from me, just understand this one concept and you'll benefit.

The secret is based on research that the human memory decreases sharply after initial learning.

Sadly, psychologists proved that the average students forget 82% of what they study. . . in the first 24 hours! Meaning you won't remember even one-fifth of what you just studied.

And it gets worse: after one month, you'll only remember 5%. At most.

Congratulations to you for being hardworking and lucky because most other students will never know this secret, but as you continue to read below, you'll find how to benefit, and also have an opportunity to get my complete course.

When I learnt the right way to revise and manage my studies, my marks in Chemistry increased from 85.3% to 97% in just 1 year.  This technique will work for you and every  student, and for all subjects.

What would it mean to you when you learn the right way to revise systematically and get more marks and higher rank?

Transferring Your Learning
From Short-Term Memory to Long-Term Memory

Here is the secret for you: Whatever you see, hear or feel is processed by the brain and most goes into short-term memory. Whatever is uniquely different or whatever you revise again and again and again goes into long-term memory.

There's a better way. And that's found on page 90 of my course Mind Power Study Techniques. Go right to that page, and spend just 15 minutes and begin putting this "mind power" technique to use.

Only very few teachers and coaching classes now teach a few of my techniques.

In your opinion do you feel that if you can get this technique to boost your memory and increase your concentration, you can be sure of getting more marks and higher rank?

Our student sets all India memory record ...

Student who had only 52.7% marks in high school, created a memory record . . . and was selected in State Admin Services

Our student Rajiv Chaudhary set a new memory record (Limca Book of Records).

Before using our system, he was an ordinary student with only 52.3% in High School. After using the system, he also achieved his dream of success in State Administrative Services in Himachal Pradesh.

If someone with only 52.3% could improve himself and get success in State Administrative Services, imagine what you'll be able to do when you discover the secrets to improve your memory power and to study with focus and feel energetic. 

India's #1 Student Magazine Says . . .

Study more effectively than 99% of students...
Really works...

An article in Competition Success Review says:

. . . study more effectively than 99% [of students] . . . and that is a great advantage in tough competitions . . . really works . . . a powerful course that changed students' lives in a magical way . . . improves you in many ways . . . propels you towards bigger success.

What A Newspaper And Bank Association Say . . .

Effective, Practical, Easy, . . .

Powerful, practical, easy. It will help all students, bank officials, others appearing for tests, exams and interviews.

-- Indian Banks' Association Bulletin

Simple, effective, practical techniques to improve overall intelligence and mind power. Even average student can easily understand.

-- Times of India

Double your reading speed in 30 minutes
So, you can revise more in less time

Suppose if it was possible to double your reading speed. And, that too in just 30 minutes. What would that do for your ability to study more in the same time? What would it mean for your exam results and achievements in your life?

The idea is simple - double your reading speed and you can revise a lot more in the same time, remember much better, and get more marks for your success.

Just this one technique alone can win you higher marks on your exams with almost no extra effort required.

It works like this. Just turn to page 21 in my "Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques" course. Follow just 3 paragraphs showing you how to move your finger in a certain way. . . which allows your eyes to move faster. . . while letting your mind take in more words per minute.

Studies have shown the average student reads only about 100 words per minute. Within 30 minutes, you can jump to 200 words.

And within days or weeks, you might even get to 300 or even 500 words per minute, as many thousands of my students have done over the past 20 years with this finger reading technique. . .

It Works . . .

"I am very happy to inform you that my son Ravi Anand increased his reading speed from 228 to surprisingly high 1818 words per minute. Thank you for your course."

-- Dr M L Singh, MS, Eye Surgeon, Bihar

"Changed my way of reading . . . helped get AIR-117 (SC) in IIT."

-- Siddharth Priya, Gorkhapur (UP)

"My first introduction to speed reading was through Bapna's mind-power study techniques which I had ordered just out of curiosity. I was introduced to a new world with infinite possibilities. I could double my speed."

-- Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji (Dr Devang H Dattani, PhD)
 Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Business Entrepreneur
who also takes Spiritual retreats / programs on all sects / religions

"I topped DAV College Chandigarh. I increased my reading speed from 303 to 1000 words per minute."

-- Sanjeev Dixit, Panchkula, Haryana

"Very useful for my BSc and ICWA exams. Within a single day, I increased my reading speed from 275 to 455 words per minute"

-- S Jayaprakash, Madras, TN

In addition to the techniques above,
you also get dozens more
Techniques, TIPS and SECRETS

Nobody else teaches you my tips and secrets, some of which are these:

  1. The Bapna 3-Minute Refreshing TechniqueTM (page 175) for an immediate energy boost - use this during study breaks to increase your focus and concentration, too

  2. The "Topper's Daily Routine" to make you far more focused & efficient than other students. . .

  3. A 2-minute relaxation technique that will allow you to concentrate effortlessly. . . and study longer without becoming tired or bored.

  4. The 3 biggest mistakes students make on exam days, and an easy way to completely avoid them (page 228)

  5. How to tap into the magnetic power of your mind (page 49) so you increase memory power and focus to become more confident, and be able to master abilities faster

  6. The best way to take notes - it's been proven scientifically! (page 140)

    A simple way to "fool" examiners to get more marks (page 218) - it works especially well for these 2 types of questions

  7. How to get teachers to give you more marks in practical, internal or lab exams - without extra study or effort on your part (page 132). This will help you get higher rank in board type exams and college exams

  8. 27 questions and answers that will instantly improve your success in any exam (page 61).

  9. Alpha-breathing technique for easy and immediate relaxation (page 115) - perfect for those otherwise stressful exam days. . .

  10. The 8 best ways to use your time in the class room (page 129)

  11. How to remember long sequences, spellings, vocabulary and other difficult things (page 182)

  12. A common mistake most students make before exams that reduces their IQ (page 208) and how to easily avoid it

In addition to the above techniques, you'll learn dozens more and each can change you so you learn more in less time.

Let me just tell you that in the last chapter, you'll learn "Topper's 4 Keys" and two of them are:

  1. How to wake up at a desired time with or without alarm clock.
  2. A secret that one student was happy to discover in 30 minutes with Raj Bapna after 2 day journey and 5 day wait

Here is What a Great Telugu Novelist and
Sahitya Academy Award Winner Says . . .

Goes to the grass-root level to impress upon student's mind . . . to develop their standard of education.

-- Y Veerendranath, former Chartered Accountant,
famous author of 30 Telugu novels and Winner of Sahitya Academy Award

A new world with infinite possibilities.
I could double my speed.

 . . . I was born with quite a good speaking and reading speed. I was reading quite fast from my childhood. My first introduction to speed reading was through Bapna's mind-power study techniques which I had ordered just out of curiosity. I was introduced to a new world with infinite possibilities. I could double my speed. . .

-- Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji (Dr Devang H Dattani, PhD)
 Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Business Entrepreneur
who also takes Spiritual retreats / programs on all sects / religions
You can read His complete letter here.

Dr Dattani ji is Building a New City
Spanning 3 Countries in Europe

Here is a brief description of the city:

The Bliss city is a technological, architectural, environmental and spiritual marvel. The spiritual BLISS CITY is as big as San Francisco in terms of area. A Singularity where Heaven Meets Earth, Sky meets the Waters, Fire meets the Space, Freedom meets Love, Truth meets Awareness, Light meets Wisdom and Bliss meets Emptiness. A Nirvana where there is ONE WORLD, ONE HUMANITY and only ONENESS. The Eden of the Gods. With the blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang H Dattani ji city is getting crafted with utmost care in total harmony with Nature. The Bliss city is a timeless spaceless singularity; a progenitor, of infinite creativity. For the first time in the history of whole earth Only Enlightened people will live in The Bliss city. See details here

Ask Yourself

If my course can help such a genius as Dr Dattani ji, imagine what it can do for your success. I am not going to ask you to order it if you are not ready to use it, and in that case, you should probably stay on sidelines and not order it.

All the description above is for Package 1: Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques.

Now, let me tell you about Package 3 and Package 2 below.

Package 3
Automatic Motivation Package

From time to time, do you feel unmotivated, lazy or tired which is affecting your ability to do your best for success? If yes, then here is something for you:

Book With Free DVD with Motivation Video and MP3.
Includes Free Gift Videos on Time Management
and Incremental Goal Achievement

What if you can feel automatically motivated to work towards your goals?

What if you can wake up energized and feel energetic during the day? What if you can overcome laziness?

If you can, then success becomes easier because you can work with concentration on the studies / tasks on hand.

Many of us want to, but don’t know how because nobody taught us.

I've just created a powerful book with free data DVD videos to teach you how at a very low price.

Changes You Automatically

Those who have seen it say it is perhaps most important of what I have ever done in 20 years of creative development in mind / studies.

  • It is easy to benefit from.
  • All you do is scan the book and watch the video.
  • And, you are changed.

Fortunately, the transformation is automatic, which means it does not require will power and determination necessary to practice difficult methods for months and months before you can see results.

In fact, all you do is go through the program and it changes you. You get the results because the results don’t depend on you. The program does it.

"My family and friends say that they can see a remarkable change in my memory and most of all I am a lot more focused and motivated towards achieving my goal"

S. Srikaanth
Tamil Nadu

Respected Sir,

I have been using ... the genius CD since 2009 and have found tremendous improvement in my ability to concentrate for long hours effortlessly and retain everything that I study easily and with absolute relaxation. . . . Each time I watch the video I get so much of confidence and motivation that I can achieve my dream and all my laziness and doubt over my ability simply vanish. My family and friends say that they can see a remarkable change in my memory and most of all I am a lot more focused and motivated towards achieving my goal.

Sir, Once again I Thank you . . .

Warm Regards,
S. Srikaanth

AMIE student …

Amit Maheshwari
AMIE student
Dhar (M.P.)

I was not sure that it will really help me but when I consulted my batch mates (they have already ordered) then I decided to make order. It took about a week to make decision. I thought I should try it atleast once. I also search about it through internet and read many discussion on these topics they also helped me to be sure about it. And I had already heard about its effectiveness. ...

With the help of this course we can easy remember all the topics of the chapters easily. To read and study with this course had become a great fun. I was enjoying to applying it in all my dull topics and surprisingly they became very easy to memorize them any time any where. As a result of this I got great marks in my exam which before I was fearing not to lose my grades.

First it makes my all important points in the chapters stick in my mind once I memorize them after that I can recall them any time without missing any detail. Second it helped me to play with the dull and lengthy topics which makes me bored before using this course. Now no dull or lengthy topic scares me anymore. Third and the great thing is that I have become confident enough to face my exams very well because now I am able to study and memorize any subject easily.

I am all India rank holder in my professional engineering examination that is AMIE and this is because of only this course which helped me a lot. I transformed entire my syllabus according to this course and divided them in many module so I had enough time to recall them easily and revision them three or even four times. This course saved my important time and so I could utilize this time in revision.

I will say that don't waste your time to be confuse to order it or not, just order it because you will get benefits surely. In my opinion and in also my friends' opinion this is very effective and should be encourages other people to accept it and apply its techniques in their lives to get benefits. We pay money in many unnecessary stuffs so atleast we must invest a very small part of it in this course once. Then after it you will be able to share your amazing experiences with others.

Package 2
Awaken the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind
(Book With Free Genius CD)

"When you use the Genius CD, expect
to feel for yourself great results in 13 minutes"

What's more you don't have to wait for weeks or months to notice the benefits.

Most people feel the benefits on the first day when they use the CD in just 13 minutes. Almost all people notice benefits within one week.

You can expect to quickly notice and feel for yourself all the benefits of the learning state and waking up a little genius inside you.

"Just lie down on your bed
or sit comfortably in your chair,
close your eyes, and push the button
on your CD player or MP3 player"

      And, just enjoy the voices and mild music on the CD for 13 minutes.

       That's it. 

       And, as you open your eyes and you notice that you feel a sense of deep relaxation and calm as if you've just had a long peaceful sleep and an inner bath. 

12th pass preparing for medical …

Pritipallab Nayak
12th pass preparing for medical
Bhubaneswar, orissa

I came to know about this book when going through a competitive exam magazine,it was highly praised by many students so I decided to buy the book to hoping to get some real results.At that time the price of the book was pretty reasonable and after reading about the reputation of the author I confirmed my choice.

One of the main problems with my study was that I couldn't concentrate on my studies for long and while reading course materials I was having backward regression a lot which wasted a lot of time my study time making me read the book over and over without proper comprehension.

On of the main strength of this book that the book is very simple with easy to study techniques which with proper application would yield great benefits.I could complete the book in a short time and I especially got great benefit from Mr.Bapna's speed reading techniques and relaxation methods.

On of the things I like about Mr. Raj Bapna's books are that the tips and study techniques are simple yet really effective.Like the speed reading skills, note making skills and relaxation methods and getting prepared for tough exams.I using the study techniques by reading speed has improved nearly two times and I can definitely remember better.

I am preparing for medical entrance examinations, it would be my second attempt at PMT hopefully I can qualify for the medical this time.

It's a really helpful book.The content of the book is really easy to read in a short time and the study techniques are really easy to use but very effective if practice regularly.

"What a teacher says"

Ramesh Dhirubhai Senjaliya
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

It took me a week to order this book. As I had question that does this book have the contents which are claimed. Finally, I thought let me try and ordered the book.

Speed reading, concept understanding for the complex cheaters (can be made easy by Mind Map) NLP quite new for the Indian students (a very effective technique).

Its vitamin supplement, time management during exam days preparation, NLP, and Mind map techniques are the once which I found important for my students.

Some what I applied the rules given in the book in my life while I was school going student. But still many new things to learn from the book, must read for every INDIAN students.

There are many important suggestions given in this book, especially for the students, which can change their academic performance significantly. Should try at least once.

What Students and Parents are Saying ...

"I am very happy to inform you that my son Ravi Anand increased his reading speed from 228 to surprisingly high 1818 words per minute. Thank you for your course."

-- Dr M L Singh, MS, Eye Surgeon, Bihar

"Changed my way of reading . . . helped get AIR-117 (SC) in IIT."

-- Siddharth Priya, Gorkhapur (UP)

"My first introduction to speed reading was through Bapna's mind-power study techniques which I had ordered just out of curiosity. I was introduced to a new world with infinite possibilities. I could double my speed."

-- Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji (Dr Devang H Dattani, PhD)
 Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Business Entrepreneur
who also takes Spiritual retreats / programs on all sects / religions

"I topped DAV College Chandigarh. I increased my reading speed from 303 to 1000 words per minute."

-- Sanjeev Dixit, Panchkula, Haryana

"Very useful for my BSc and ICWA exams. Within a single day, I increased my reading speed from 275 to 455 words per minute"

-- S Jayaprakash, Madras, TN

Post Graduate Student(MD Pharmacology) …

Dr Parthajyoti Neog
Post Graduate Student(MD Pharmacology)
Silchar, Assam

I did not have any fear, but yes I had some doubts. Doubts was on its performance or successfulness. I was at that time in class IX. Whenever I saw the advertise of this course in a magazine, I planned to buy this. I saw several reviews also about this MPST course and my doubts has reduced. I waited for a year because of my some economical problem and ordered it on class X.

I didn't have any major problem in my studies at that time. I want this course and also your English speaking course as an experiment basis. But, yes I suffered from a little bit of frustration and low memory power during that days. Decrease motivation and lack of consistency affects me mostly at that time. I was unable to study my topic regularly and failed to revise regularly.

This course has increased my speed of study and actually boosts my inner mental power, my memory and concentration power. I can study, revise and revise regularly and periodicaly. Slowly this course killed all my frustration during my study life at that time . Following this, I got selected in my MBBS Entrance Test in my state. I want to do more, want to study more. I can see my future in every best way and I am fully in a positive mind now. I had the mind power music course also.

Firstly, my speed of the study is increased. I can sit in my study table for longer time now. Secondly, Memory power is also increasing as I am revising my topic periodically and also using short notes. Thirdly and most importantly the level of frustration which was there in my mind is drastically decreasing or you can say vanishing and the place is taken by brighter hope, energetic mind .

I am doing post graduation in MD pharmacology in Silchar Medical College & Hospital, Silchar, ASSAM now. After passing MBBS I was unable to think about post graduation because we have to clear a tough entrance examination and also you need to have a motivation to study more. After getting this course its going all easy for me. I have enormous amount of patiance and motivation every time.

You have to go through this Raj Bapna's Study Techniques and use this by heart. This will can give you a boost to your study habits as well as memory and concentration power. You just try it and I am 100% sure that you will be benefited. It will increase your study hours, actually you will be getting interested in studies day by day, believe me.

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Silver Package
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Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques including a Bonus Chapter. Includes FREE Gift: You get a green Sri Yantra poster for Concentration, based on a 5000-year old Sri Yantra. Includes instructions on how to use it.
Rs 795
Rs 495

The Complete Ruby Package
(All 4 Packages)

Package 1: Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques (details as above).
Package 2: Awaken the Unlimited Power of Your Subconscious Mind book with free Genius CD
Package 3: Automatic Motivation package including a Book and a DVD.
Package 4: Advanced Kennedy Speed Reading
with 2 CDs free:
      (i) CD - 7 Min. Reading Accelerator
      (ii) CD - DAPS Mind Programming
Rs 4,315
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