Your Daily Words (Day-1)

catalyst = something that causes change without being changed
use = a catalyst for change

arsenal = ammunition store house
use = The army planned to attack enemy arsenals

indiscreet = Lacking wise judgment
use = In an indiscreet moment

giddy = dizzy
use = feeling giddy

dubious = Doubtful
use = dubious means

inviolate = sacred
use = For centuries the tomb lay inviolate

mesmerize = To hypnotize
use = I was completely mesmerized by the performance

negation = denial
use = negation of evidence

recuperation = recovery
use = he fell from the horse and the recuperation took three months

elegant = refined, exquisite
use = a very elegant suit

compensate = make up for, to repay or reimburse
use = Victims of the crash will be compensated for their injuries

augment = increase, expand, extend
use = He would have to find work to augment his income

pending = not decided
use = The pending decision

physique = frame, musculature
use = a very powerful, muscular physique

agitate = stir up
use = they continued to agitate for social rights

illicit = Unlawful, illegal
use = illicit liquor

monologue = dramatic speech performed by one actor
use = *

pyrotechnics = fireworks
use = pyrotechnics show on the Independence Day

draconian = harsh
use = draconian laws

evasive = elusive
use = evasive replies

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