What To Expect From Binaural Beat Entrainment

People who are new to any technology (including mind technology such as binaural beat entrainment or mind machine), tend to be apprehensive. If you are new and feel apprehensive, not to worry.

Binaural beats have been in use for several decades and perhaps thousands and thousands of special sound tracks have been created that make use of binaural beat entrainment technology.

You can be confident that it is safe.

Here is how Kim at RegionalSustainability.org explains:

What To Expect From Binaural Beat Entrainment

1. Your body starting to feel heavy and the inability to move freely
2. Total relaxation of the whole body from top to toe
3. Vivid visualizations, colors, and patterns
4. Separation of the conscious and subconscious mind
5. Anxiety, Stress, and Tension Relieved
6. Feeling of sedation or not feeling the body at all

The brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects in the human consciousness. Building on this information, it was apparent that the brains’ operating frequency inside the human brain can be changed by sound waves. Many of the most powerful frequencies are under twenty Hertz. Bearing in mind the human auditory system cannot hear frequencies below twenty Hertz, Binaural Beat Technology was developed which utilizes the internal wiring of the brain to produce the frequency accurately.

The human brain is capable of producing a phenomenon which results in low-frequency pulses in the amplitude of a perceived sound when two audio tones at subtly different frequencies are heard separately, one to each of a subject’s ears, using headphones. A beating tone is often heard, as if the two sounds mixed naturally, outside of the brain. The base frequency of the sounds should be below about 1KHz to 1500Hz for the beating to be clearly heard. The difference between the two frequencies should be small (less than 30 Hz) for the beat effect to occur. If this is not the case the two sounds will be heard independently and no beat will be heard.

If you are new to binaural beat entrainment, please download free mp3 now (just enter your email on the right side box on this page) and use it for a few days. You’ll be amazed with the results you experience.

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