What are “Accelerated Learning” and “Exam Mastery”

“Accelerated Learning” is Whole Brain Learning/Memory

There’s a world-wide explosion of advanced techniques for accelerated learning, supercharged remembering, and peak mental performance.

The publication of the book Superlearning by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder made superlearning or accelerated learning techniques popular. These help you use your whole brain (both left brain and right brain) for learning and memory.

I was member of the SALT (Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching, USA) that is working hard to bring the benefits of accelerated learning to schools in USA. Many programs for schools have been supported by the American federal or state governments. (It is really unfortunate that in India, NCERT, good private schools and other important institutions are not open-minded enough to bring these revolutionary discoveries from around the world to our schools. My hope is that the situation will change in the next 10 years as India gets richer and parents start learning about these advances and start demanding from good private schools).

The book Superlearning reports: The Washington State Department of Health and Social Services reported that by using Superlearning techniques, Indochinese refugees learned English five times faster. At Iowa State University students learned Spanish seven times faster. And from Australia’s Woden TAFE College, John Wade revealed, “I have used the Superlearning technology with adult migrants learning English. The results from controlled experiment … show that long term memory retention increased sixfold.”

Why I Created “Exam Mastery” Program

(You get it as part of Mind Machine ALEM package)

I created “Exam Mastery” to help you master taking exams with speed, accuracy and confidence without stress or nervousness.  I created It because I understand its value through my own bad experience of nervousness in class X.

I used to be fearful and nervous because the exams were so important. I would ask myself, “What if I fail? What will I do then and how bad it will be for all in the family?”

My fear and nervousness lead to mistakes in class X board exam. For example, in English paper, I wrote an essay on “Delhi” in place of “Diwali”. I got only 48% in “Social Studies” whereas my average in Physics, Chemistry, Maths was 88%.

I have no way to find out why I got only 48% marks, but it could have been that I messed up things because of nervousness.

For example, in my Maths paper, I answered questions very rapidly and was left with about 20 minute to revise. As I started to revise, I was shocked to find out that I had done first 3 questions wrong (being in hurry and nervous), but fortunately I was able to correct them just in time.

My mistakes appear stupid and silly to you and me, but they were serious mistakes which cost me top 10 rank in class X (I got rank 24 which goes unrewarded and unrecognized). I don’t want to imagine what I would have lost had I continued to make similar mistakes.

Even if you are very confident in your subjects, but if you feel slightly nervous, fearful or worried about the exam results, you can benefit from Exam Master and avoid mistakes.

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