Using Music and Relaxation for Programming Your Mind for Your Success

The sub-conscious mind is not under our conscious control. The sub-conscious mind functions on the basis of information stored in it. This is the basis of mind programming.

Mind programming means that if we can put information in a person’s subconscious mind, then we can alter that person’s behavior. The main difficulty is the conscious mind, which does not let us put information in the sub-conscious mind.

To understand the power of mind programming, let us see one example from history of my city Udaipur. You may also know a similar example from your part of India. When enemies attacked and killed the king, his son was saved by a servant named Panna Dhay. Finally, the boy grew up and became the king. Why do you think he could do it? Was it in the blood (genetics) of the boy? No. He did it because the servant and everybody else told the boy “You are a prince. You must become the king. The enemy has taken over your kingdom. And when you grow up, you must take revenge and defeat the enemy”. Constantly hearing these messages, the child’s mind was programmed. As a result, the child did not want to become an officer or an executive but he wanted to become the king. And he was willing to die to achieve his goal.

This historical story shows that people or society can program your mind. Unlike the prince, most of us become programmed by wrong messages such as “Don’t do that … don’t take risk … don’t be stupid … you are stupid … you are not so good as so-and-so.” You can imagine the bad effect such messages can have on any person.

In India, there are 2 programs that use music and relaxation for programming your mind for success in exams and competitions and life: Dr Anil Bapna’s Mind Power Music and Mind Machines.

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