The Single Most Powerful Memory Technique that Nobody Teaches You Systematically

Question: What is the most important memory technique for exam?

Answer: Revision.

As the chart diagram shows below, without revision, we forget 82% within 24 hours.

We remember better at about 10 minutes after the learning finishes. The reason for this strange memory phenomenon is simple: at the moment learning period finishes, the brain has not had enough time to organize and store the last items. It needs a few minutes to store, organize, integrate the last items.

Please note that the memory decreases sharply after initial learning. We remember only 18% after 24 hours.

We forget 82% of all that we learn within 24 hours!!

This is a very important fact for you to remember.

So, you must revise in a systematic way to get the maximum benefit from your hard work.

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Wishing you mega success,

Raj Bapna

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