The Proper Usage of the Words Surprising, Amazing, Overjoyed and Shocking

One secret is to use words precisely, which means to use the “right word” from various available words that seem to have similar meanings.

For example, words “surprising”, “amazing”, “shocking” are somewhat similar, but different in meaning as below:
Surprising – This word is used in situations, where something turned out to be the way, you did not expect.

For example – It was surprising to know that they said yes, in my first request.

Amazing – This can be used in both positive and negative situations, but when there is something unusual.

For example – The story of the 300 soldiers, who won against a whole army, was amazing.

Overjoyed/Shocking – These words are used for sudden situations. Overjoyed is used when there is sudden happiness and shocking is used when there is a sudden kind of fear.

For example – I was overjoyed to know about his success/ it was shocking to know about their accident.

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