Power of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for Self-Improvement, Motivation and Success and How You Can Use It Easily

History of Using Hypnosis for Mind Programming

Hypnosis has been known as long as history has been recorded.

In one experiment, one person was asked to go to the platform in front of a class full of people. He was asked to give a speech. This person was not very good at speaking to groups. He looked nervous. He was able to speak something.

Then he was hypnotized. He was told “You will feel greatly embarrassed. You will be very nervous. You will look at the floor and not speak.” When he came out of hypnosis, he was asked to speak to the class. The person behaved exactly as he was programmed during hypnosis.

He was hypnotized again and told “You have noticed some of the best speakers in the country. You know that they are very good at public speaking. They are confident. You will now combine the best techniques from best of the speakers. You have now learnt all those techniques.” When the person came out of hypnosis, he was a totally new, a totally changed person. The people in the classroom were surprised that he spoke so confidently. He spoke very well.

Hypnosis is one effective way for mind programming

What is the problem with hypnosis? There are two problems. One is finding a competent hypnotist. And second, it may take many sessions to achieve effective mind programming.

Misunderstanding in General Public about Hypnosis

There seems to be a general misunderstanding about hypnosis. For example, some people misunderstand the magician’s work as hypnosis.

Hypnosis is now recognized in medicine. It is used by some medical doctors. But, because it take too much time and effort to hypnotize someone to achieve great benefits, hypnosis remains partly unknown.

What is Hypnosis

The state of hypnosis is essentially a state of mind when someone’s conscious mind or belief system is temporarily suspended. In that state of mind, you can give messages or commands to the person. Messages that are non-injurious or not against the person’s belief system are generally accepted by the person under hypnosis.

How do you feel when under hypnosis? You feel relaxed. You may feel light or heavy or normal. You retain your awareness. It may feel like relaxation/sleep with awareness.

It can be understood like the state you are just before you fall sleep.

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