Path to Your Success: Part 2


To fully benefit, if you have not read “Part 1”, click here to read it now before reading below.

To fully understand your goals and how important they are and to understand problems to be overcome on the path to achieving your goals without accepting defeat and without giving up, there is one thing you can do right now: Spend some time to ask yourself and answer these questions.

Once you go through the complete series on “Path to Your Success” (free for you), you can expect to be more clear about your goals and your effort to achieve them, understand how people self-limit themselves by giving various reasons to themselves (which to others look like just plain excuses), you can have more confidence and energy to go after your goals whole-heartedly and not half-heartedly.

If you really want to benefit from my expertise and hard work to help you (luckily “Path to Your Success”  is free now), answer these in the comments bellow. And, because success is important, plan to spend whatever time it takes to answer as I tell you. If you skip a step and try to be in a hurry, you’ll miss the benefits.

Just the process of writing involves more of your brain and the results of your thinking have stronger impact on you.

I call “writing” the “doing part of thinking”.

Please write you answers in the comments and expect to become more confidence and more sure of your success.

Q 1: Do you absolutely certainly want to achieve your goal which you said is your most important goal?

Q2: If you achieve your goals, what benefits will it give you now and later in your life? What benefits will it give to your family? Pride? Respect of society? Money? Good career? Power? Super self-confidence? Happiness? And what benefits will it give the society?

Q3: Imagine for a moment: if you fail to achieve your goals, what would it mean to you and family. Frustration? Shame? Lack of confidence? Failure?

Now that you have just experienced the difference between success and failure fully, you are ready to go to the next question.

Q4. Suppose you were sure of your success (you deserve it). How much harder you’ll work? How much better you’ll work? How much more motivated you’ll become? What all you’ll do and get to help you get good rank? Will you still feel lazy? Will you still feel you don’t deserve enough to get the best coaching, tools, courses, CDs, mind machines? How will you be able to get Rs 150 to Rs 1 lakh or more it may take to get the best preparation?

Q5: If you were absolutely certain that you’ll get success and totally whole-heartedly motivated to do whatever it takes to get the success, how soon will you start to work towards it? Will you still delay and postpone your effort? Will you still find reasons why not to start today and right now?

Decide what 3 actions you’ll take (1) one action right now (2) one action in the next 24 hours, (3) one action in the next 7 days. And, then make a promise / commitment to yourself that you’ll do these 3 actions for your own success.

Ok, go and write your answers in the comment area at the end of this page.

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I’ll write the Part 3 (the final in this series) in a day or two.

My best wishes,
Raj Bapna

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