Only 3 Get Success Out Of Every 100 …

Warning: The truth about coaching and tough competitions that coaching institutes do NOT want you to find out:

“Only 3 Get Success Out Of Every 100 Sincere Students Who Take Coaching and Work Hard”

What it means: “97 of the hardworking, sincere students who join coaching are going to fail in their goal of success in tough competitions such as IIT-JEE, IAS, CAT, etc”

Read this letter carefully because you will understand the dirty secret that the coaching institutes don’t want you to know, and what to do about it so you get ahead of others for your success …


I want you to understand a few truths about your success in tough competitions.

Hidden Truth #1: Coaching is almost necessary BUT not sufficient for success because every sincere student joins coaching.

Hard to believe that only so few get success. Just about 3 out of 100.

What it really means that if you are attending some coaching classless, and there are 100 students in your class, then you can expect about 3 to get success.

Which also means that 97 of your hard working classmates (or coaching mates) will fail.

Do you know what you can do to be among the 3 and not among the 97?

If yes, read on because I’ll show you.

Hidden Truth #2: If you do what most students are doing, you’ll get the same results that most get

I never knew this, but once a wise person told me this hidden truth, it became obvious. Of course, if I do what most do, then I am likely to get the same results that most get.

So, the question becomes: Because I want to be among the 3 and not 97 so I understand I must do something different or special.

The next question is: what is it that I can do special or different?

My answer:

Success requires preparation which has 3 components:

–> Beliefs (can be also called Attitudes, Thinking, Expectation, or Philosophy)
–> Study Skills / Techniques
–> Subject Knowledge

Of these 3, most coaching institutes do a good job of teaching you the subject knowledge.

But, no coaching institute has the mastery to teach “Beliefs” or “Study Skills / Techniques”.

And, this is all I have done for the past 20 years in helping students develop the right attitudes and study skills/techniques.

Our course / music / mind machine all build your beliefs or teach you study skills / techniques, so you can be among the 3 who get success and not among the 97 who do not get success.

I invite you to click on the links below or on the right side of this blog to discover how you can really do something different / special so you get ahead of others and achieve your goals.

I ask you to write below at the bottom of this page how this simple concept helps you to be better prepared for your success.

I wish you all the success,

Raj Bapna

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