Path to Your Success: Part 3

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First, the Summary of Part 1 and Part 2:

On 31 Dec, I sent new year wishes and also asked you to tell me your biggest goal and problem face. Many of you send replies by email. Goals were from IIT, IAS, UPSC, CA, owning house, own business, becoming manager, etc…

The good news is that everybody knew their biggest problems which is good because once you know your problem you can do something about it.

Here are some of the biggest problems you wrote are:

  • lack of motivation
  • being lazy
  • not having money
  • not having time after job to prepare
  • poor in communication

Do you face any of these problems?

And the people who have these problems are not sure how to get over these problems.

Many of you wrote in comments that it seems some of these people are not really serious about their own success. And, I agree with this understanding.

The Real Cause Behind the Problem

The biggest problem behind most of these are one or both of these:

  • Not being fully sure that you deserve success
  • Not having the confidence that if you do everything in your power you’ll get success

So, people feel unmotivated and lazy, which just means that those are afraid to even try because then there can be pain of failure, so the easiest path is not even try fully (and then we can justify to ourselves that I was not fully interested). But this is very sad because consider someone who is weak in English Vocab but wants to join IIM, so he joins good coaching (cost 20,000 to 35,000) but because of lack of confidence does not use our Vocab Builder Mind Machine and postpones vocab prep, all of which results in not getting success while wasting time and money.

Even when someone says he or she does not have money to do coaching or buy a course or mind machine, what it really means is that he does not think and feel and is sure that his or her goal is important.

And I am sure you realize that if my goal is not important, even I will feel lazy and unmotivated to do anything.

The Solution

First, I want you to know that I believe MORE in your success potential than you do yourself.

The key to solution comes form Anthony Robbins, who says: “When you know WHY, the you will find HOW”.

What he is saying is that if your reason for your goal is important then your goal will be important. And, once your mind knows that the goal is important, it will find ways to achieve it.

You’ll feel motivated and energized when you wake up in the morning. And, you’ll get the necessary tools, advisers, money and whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

I remember that about 2 years back a person who got success in IAS was really poor. He lived and studied in a room which was only 4 feet by 8 feet. But, he did whatever it took to get success. So can you. So should you.

First, you have to realize that you deserve success.

Second, your chances of success are much better if you try whole-heartedly. If others (your classmates and others you know) can get success, so can you. It is only a matter of doing a certain specific things so you get from where you are to where you want to reach.

What to Do Right Now

The next step is to get the tools, techniques, course material, coaching that will propel you towards your success and then use them on consistent daily basis.

To all of you who need to study and learn for achieving your goal, I very strongly recommend that you get these:

And, the most powerful of all is the mind machine:


Please write in the comment at the bottom of this page about what specific steps you are going to take for your success. Also mention how soon immediately you plan to get the about recommended tools and if you don’t plan to get them, please mention why not (this will help yourself and others, too).

Wishing you success (remember you deserve it),

Raj Bapna

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