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Table of Contents

Welcome: Why We Made It Free for You and How to Get the Maximum Benefit from this Book

1.   Learn These Two Powerful Techniques in One Hour and Immediately Improve Your Learning Efficiency

  • The Finger Technique to Improve Your Reading Speed Quickly: Proof that You are Capable of Achieving Much More than What Others Have Told You
  • The Topper’s Daily Routine: Your Guide to Super Success
  • How to Take Care of Your Eyes

2.   New Research in Brain Science Proves that You are More Capable than You think

  • The Structure of the Human Brain
  • Adult Brain Can Grow
  • Brain Waves, Brain States, and Brain Chemicals
  • Experience the Magnetic Power of Your Mind
  • New Scientific Breakthroughs in Mind Technologies Help You Improve Without Effort

3.   27 Questions and Answers that will Instantly Improve Your Success in any Exam

4.   Seven Surprisingly Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory Quickly

  • Is There Any Limit to Your Memory
  • How to Remember Better While You Learn
  • How to Retain Better After You Have Learned Something
  • Systematic Revision: Your Secret to Good Memory for Exam Success
  • The Topper’s Daily Routine: The Easiest and the Most Powerful Memory Technique
  • Use Mind Power Music, Mind Machines, and Mind Maps
  • You Master a New Skill in Steps and Jumps

5.   Twelve Easy Techniques for Improving Your Memory, Concentration, and Intelligence

  • Take These Vitamins to Improve the Functioning of Your Brain and Your Body
  • Nutrition: Eat Good Healthy Food
  • Read Faster
  • How to Sleep Well
  • What Type of Exercise is Best for Students?
  • Alpha-Breathing for Relaxation
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation Can Help You Get Success
  • Two Effective Meditations that You can Learn Easily and Benefit Quickly
  • Use Bapna’s Sri Yantra Poster for Concentration
  • Use Bapna’s 3-Minute Refreshing Technique
  • You Should Revise, Re-Revise, and Revise Again

6.   Eight Ways to Best Use Your Time in the Classroom for Your Success

  • Do You Know How Much Time You Spend in the Classroom and at home?
  • Systematic Revision and Topper’s Daily Routine
  • Take Mind Maps
  • How to Get Help from Your Teachers and How to Get More Marks in Practical, Internal, or Laboratory Exams, Without any Extra Work
  • How to Attend Your Class for Maximum Learning
  • How to Best Use Your Lunch Breaks
  • How to Benefit from Your Classmates’ Hard Work
  • Should You Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities?

7.   Mind Maps: A New Scientific Way to Take Memorable Notes

  • Every Word Has Many Meanings
  • Key Concepts and Keywords: The Nature of Memory
  • Memory Keywords and Creative Keywords
  • The Traditional Linear Notes
  • Connections: How The Brain Stores Information
  • How to Make Mind Maps
  • How Are Mind Maps Better than Linear Notes
  • The Best Way to Take Notes
  • A Sample Mind Map on Memory

8.   Eight Ways to Use The Power of Beliefs, Imagination, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Your Success

  • Power of Beliefs
  • Power of Imagination
  • How to Enter the Learning State so that You Remember More and Learn Faster in a Relaxed Way
  • Anchor Yourself for Success: A Powerful Technique from Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Anchor Yourself for Success While Watching Videos or Films
  • Learn Bapna’s 3 Minute Refreshing Technique
  • Using Relaxation and Music to Change Your Beliefs and Habits

9.   Six Advanced Memory Techniques to Remember Long Sequences, Spellings, Vocabulary, and Difficult Things

  • Mnemonics
  • The Number-Rhyme Technique for Remembering up to Ten Items
  • The Number-Shape Technique
  • The Secrets of Memory Techniques
  • How to Remember Spellings
  • Ten Ways to Enrich Your Vocabulary

10. Eight Secrets of Getting More Marks in Exams that Most Students Don’t Know

  • Don’t Make this Simple Mistake Just Before an Exam
  • Sleep Well
  • What to Do Just Before the Exam Begins
  • Six Powerful Suggestions to Maximize Your Performance During Exams
  • How Do Examiners Correct Answer Papers and How to Use this Knowledge to Get More Marks
  • Four Tips on How to Get More Marks
  • For These Two Types of Questions, You Can Fool the Examiner to Get More Marks
  • Take Practice Tests or Mock Tests

11. Techniques for Self-confidence and Success in Interviews and Group Discussions

  • Interviews and Group Discussions
  • How to Improve Your Ability to Discuss
  • About Dress, Greetings, Newspapers, etc.
  • How to Develop Confidence for Success in Your Interviews and Group Discussions

12. Three Big Mistakes During Exam Days and How You Can Avoid Them

  • This is the Biggest Mistake Many Students Make on the Night of the Exam, and they don’t Even Know
  • Relax, Read Questions Slowly, and Don’t Hurry in Exams
  • Take Special Care of Your Health During Exam Days

Bonus Chapter: Topper’s 4 Keys

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