Mountain Climbing with No Limbs

Man without Limbs Climbs Mountains

Shows You Path to Your Bigger Success If You Can Apply This Secret

Once we know that he can claim mountain once he decides to take the challenge.

The challenge is not easy. It is perhaps the hardest thing he could do. Easy things could include singing, speaking, etc.

The human brain-mind is strange. It easily gets bored and lazy when the challenge is not big enough. It just gives up if the challenge is so big we know we can’t achieve it. For example, if the challenge is to “become the fastest runner in the world” or “become the best player in game xyz”. We know that because of our health, height, age, etc we can’t be, so the brain-mind just gives up.

It is not under our control. It has its ways and it wins.

Like, in night, you want to go to sleep and decide to wake up early in the morning and study. But, when the morning comes, the brain-mind does not want to wake up.

So, if you really want to make it big in life, you have to come up with a challenge that is not easy but is somewhat hard, but if you give your life’s best, it is achievable.

So, the real secret of success is not so much about “IQ or hard work”, but finding the right challenge for yourself.

For example, if you are a student, decide right now to get a good rank in your exam.

And, of course, once you give yourself a big challenge of “high rank”, the next step is to work hard and smart and find the tools that help you reach that goal.

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