Magic of Empowering Beliefs

What is an “empowering belief”?

A belief that helps you to:

  • Get results
  • Feel confident that you can get results
  • Feel good about yourself

An example is:

Everybody makes mistakes

That can also be expressed as:

  • We all make mistakes
  • We all in this group will make mistakes
  • I will make mistakes
  • You will make mistakes

Once we think about it that way, then it becomes obvious that

It is ok to make mistakes

This idea that it is “ok for me to make mistakes” and it it “ok for you to make mistakes” is empowering in these ways:

  • When someone makes a mistakes, we can feel that it is ok that a mistake has happened and now let us fix it. If possible think if we can void similar mistakes in the future
  • When we find that we’ve make a mistake, we don’t feel any less because of the mistake. We feel comfortable despite the mistake.
  • A related result is that when it seems someone is pointing out our mistake, we don’t feel offended because we know “everybody makes mistakes” and it is part of “being human to make mistakes”.

So, this empowering beliefs FREES you to feel comfortable despite mistakes (by you, your friends, your team members or family members).

Bonus:┬áNow that you understand the power of “empowering beliefs”, let me leave you with another empowering beliefs:

Miscommunication, misunderstanding or imperfect understanding is part of human communication.

This beliefs instantly allows us to:

  • Work hard to be clear when we try to explain something to others
  • When mistakes happen, we don’t always have to find “who did it”, but “what can we do now to fix it” because it may have happened because of “miscommunication”.
  • When someone speaks, we pay attention to try to minimize misunderstanding

The above two “empowering beliefs” will possibly help you feel better about yourself, your team, and your family, making life more enjoyable and more productive.

All the best.


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