Increase Your IQ by 10 Points in 20 Days

Increase Your IQ by 10 Points in 20 Days: It has now become possible to play interesting brain game and increase your IQ by 10 points in just 20 days.

First time in 125 years, it is one of the most important breakthroughs in Psychology.

In the 1890s, Hugo Munsterberg began writing about the application of psychology to industry, law, and other fields.

Even though the field of psychology has existed for over 125 years, and all these years psychologists have been trying to find ways to increase IQ because higher intelligence is so important for success, psychologists could not discover an effective way to increase IQ scores.

Now, finally, they have found a way and different teams have proven that it works repeatedly through various scientific studies.

Here is what website says :

Scientifically Proven Method

Here is what experts and journalists say:
Here are quotes from research articles and Wired magazine articles about what the researchers did at their own organizations and universities, using their own research software based on the same concept as our advanced software for students and the general public.
“Initially, the test subjects scored an average of 10 questions correctly on the IQ test. But after the group trained on the n-back task for 25 minutes a day for 19 days, they averaged 14.7 correct answers, an increase of more than 40 percent.”

– Alexis Madrigal, Wired Magazine

“We trained elementary and middle school children by means of a videogame-like working memory task. We found that only children who considerably improved on the training task showed a performance increase on untrained fluid intelligence tasks.”

– Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Priti Shah, Research scientists

“The most important point of our work is that we can show that it is possible to improve fluid intelligence.”

– Martin Buschkuehl, Researcher in Psychology at the University of Bern,
Switzerland, quoted in Wired magazine interview

“The improvement seems to be dosage dependent. We saw a linear increase in performance with increase in training time.”

– Martin Buschkuehl, Researcher in Psychology at the University of Bern,
Switzerland, quoted in Wired magazine interview

“Furthermore, we demonstrate that the extent of gain in intelligence critically depends on the amount of training: the more training, the more improvement in Gf.”

– Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig,
Researchers of the ground-breaking 2008 study

“A total of 20 undergraduate students at 24 years old participated in the experiment, with ten training sessions for ten days. Through using Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices as the evaluation method to get and analyze the experimental results, it was proved that training pattern can improve fluid intelligence of adults.”

– Qiu Feiyue, Wei Qinqin, Zhao Liying, Lin Lifang,
Zhejiang Univ of Technology, China

“These findings constitute preliminary evidence that intensive cognitively demanding brain-training can improve not only our abstract problem-solving capacity, but also ameliorate cognitive control processes (e.g. decision-making) in our daily emotive environments.”

– Susanne Schweizer, Adam Hampshire, Tim Dalgleish, researchers

“Brain researchers for the first time claim to have found a method for improving the general problem-solving ability scientists call fluid intelligence, otherwise known as “smarts.”

Fluid intelligence was previously thought to be genetically hard-wired, but the finding suggests that with about 25 minutes of rigorous mental training a day, healthy adults could improve their mental capacities.”

– Alexis Madrigal, Wired Magazine

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