I Am Sure It Helps Others, “But I am Different”

Hello friend,

Many many people email me asking for tips to get more marks, to read faster, to concentrate better and many other related topics.

When I ask if they are using our Mind Power Exam Maximizer system or Mind Power Music, many say, “No”.

I ask, “Why? Don’t you think these work. Do you realize that I have spent 20 years researching and creating them”.

They say, “I trust you. I am sure they work for your students. But I am different. I am unique”

Some say, “I am very smart”. Others say, “I am not so sharp and smart”.

This is a big mistake.

These products have been created for students exactly like you.

Over 3 lakh students have used them in the past 19 years (since 1991) on money back guarantee basis.  My products work. Many continue to use them even as they are now working as engineers, doctors, officers, etc.

I have put in tremendous research into what I have created. The real question is not whether my products work because they work and I know they will work for you.  That is not the question because for most we offer part money back guarantee.

The question is not: “Are you really different?”

The real question: Are you confident enough? Motivated enough? Deserving enough? That is the question.

Go ahead and get my mind machine or course or CD, and you’ll benefit.

My best wishes,


PS: Don’t write comment below. Order a course / mind machine and get results you want. That is the goal and that is the only thing that matters.

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