How to Use Binaural Beats and Self-Hypnosis for Your Self-Improvement, Motivation, and Success

Binaural Beats and Self-Hypnosis

Today I want to teach you how to use binaural beats and self-hypnosis together so you get even more benefits.

The real benefit of self-hypnosis is that you can choose very easily what improvements you want. Self-hypnosis means you don’t have to visit an experienced hypnotist.

Use alpha or theta binaural beats to relax.

In addition, if you like, you can add any other relaxation technique of your choice. For example, tense your whole body as much as you can, and then relax. Or better yet, tense one part of your body at a time and then let it go (let it relax). Say to yourself that you are relaxing, you are falling asleep.

As you begin to feel quite relaxed, give yourself positive, empowering messages for change that you want to achieve.

Use messages for the desired changes. Here are a few example messages:

  • I wake up daily relaxed and energetic and go for a walk
  • I have a good memory
  • I enjoy healthy food

Or, you can use a CD or mp3 to guide yourself to a state of self-hypnosis and to get specific benefits based on the desired goals.

You can also create such a CD yourself. I’ll tell you how to create such a self-hypnosis CD or cassette some other time. For now, it suffices to say you record in a relaxed voice.

Summary: Using binaural beats and self-hypnosis together is a very powerful way to get the desired results quickly.

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