How to Master Vocab (Word Power) for Exams Such as GRE, CAT, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS

As Well As for Better Communication
or For School and College Needs

What is the Biggest Problem in Building Vocab

The biggest problem is that we feel comfortable reviewing word lists for a few days. That gives us a feeling that “yes, I do understand these words and do remember these words”.

That is the good part.

The difficultly becomes apparent when we try to recall the words a few days or a few weeks later. Most people forget most of the words by then.

That is the biggest problem in building word power.

What You Need to Memorize Vocab

A method that helps you to be systematic and regular because memorizing vocab is hard.

What it means is: Something that helps you to be regular to revise words daily and give you the words needed so you can cover all the words required for your exam or communication needs.

2 Requirements of Effective Vocab System

TWO requirements of any solution to be effective are:

  1. System to offer you new words daily so all the needed words are covered once and then repeatedly
  2. Offer you the words daily without break in systematic regular way, so you can have your momentum going and make progress

Here are several options that people try:

  • Using word lists – you need to remember to look up such lists a few times daily and you need to create a system to repeat the word lists
  • Using flash cards – same as word lists
  • Computer programs –  good programs offer you a system that can let you revise daily depending on how much time you want to spend.
  • SMSs – same as word lists. Phones are still with very small screens so reading is hard
  • Vocab building groups of friends (club) – friends / group is helpful
  • Vocab Builder Mind Machines – best ( )
  • Audio programs – good (examples: and )
  • FREE service that sends you emails so you get the needed words daily without break and can remember systematically.

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