How to Use Your Imagination for Exam Success

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”
–Albert Einstein

An imagined experience and a real experience have almost the same effect on your mind. Let us see some examples to understand and experience the power of imagination.

Basketball training and imagination

In a 30-day research experiment, students were divided into three groups. One group did not practice the game of Basketball, the second group practiced on playground, and the third group practiced only in their mind for one hour daily. The results: the group that did not practice did not improve. The group that practiced improved 24%, and group that practiced only in mind improved 23%. This experiment showed that practicing in your mind alone improves sports performance almost as much as doing real practice.

First, let us prove the power of imagination for yourself

Imagine you are returning from the market to your house. You can see the house. You enter it. Now go to the kitchen. Go and take a lemon from the usual place. Feel the lemon in your hand. It is a big, yellow, juicy lemon. It has good lemon smell. Now get a knife. Hold the lemon in one hand and cut it with the knife. As you cut the lemon, a fine spray comes to your face. Feel it. Now you have two halves of the lemon. Lift your hand and put a half of the lemon into your mouth. And squeeze it. Feel the lemon taste.

Can you feel the saliva in your mouth? This shows the power of imagination. Your mind and your body do not know the difference between you really eating a lemon or just imagining it. The body response (as a result of the mind response) is the same in both the cases. Your mind/brain remembers this imagined experience as the real experience.

Imagine yourself achieving success

Suppose you really gave a program on TV, and you were the star of the program. Suppose that your performance was very good. Everybody gave good comments. Next time when you give another TV program, will you feel self-confident? Yes. You will feel confident because you have already done it once.

The imagination techniques give you the power to experience success before really achieving it. So with the new experience, when you really go for exam, interview, or a TV program, you will feel self-confident.

To make imagination more powerful and more effective, enter into a relaxed or meditative state and then imagine achieving success.

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