How to Benefit from Stephen King One of the greatest writers of modern times

Stephen KingĀ is an award-winning, prolific, and best-selling American author, screenwriter, columnist, actor, producer and director. 

He is best known for his work as a horror author. He’s the winner of The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.

He routinely received multi-million dollars as advances from publishers who want to publish the novels he writes.

Stephen King’s Theory of Pyramid applicable to all areas of human talent and human creativity

Stephen King writes:

“Writers form themselves into the pyramid we see in all areas of human talent and human creativity. At the bottom are the bad ones.

Above them is a group which is slightly smaller but still large and welcoming: these are the competent writers.

The next level is much smaller. These are the really good writers.

Above them — above almost all of us are the Shakespears, the Faulkners, the Yeates, Shaws, and Edura Weltys, They are geniuses, divine accidents, gifted in a way which is beyond our ability to understand, let alone attain.”

How to Benefit from this New Understanding from Stephen King

Here is the secret to benefit: What he says about writers applies to you as student.

So, if you can understand in which group you belong, you can plan your goals accordingly with much greater chances of success.

For example, not everyone can get into IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, IAS, CA, etc.

While some will get in effortlessly, some can never pass even if they are fully serious and spend years and years of coaching.

But, many more are in the middle and they can get success if they work hard, work smart, use right coaching, right tools and techniques, and if the luck favours them on the day of the exams and interviews.

Here is an assignment for you

Try to understand where you are on the pyramid.

If you are at the very top, you are not at the top level (“genius”) level and not at the bottom level, then using ourmind machine andmind power course can really help you to succeed.

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