How Physical Exercise Can Help You to Improve Your Brain Function Resulting in Better Exam Results

All the food you eat is eventually converted to energy. Brain consumes 20% to 25% of the total energy in your body.

Physical exercise helps maintain good physical health. It improves metabolism (process of converting food into energy). It improves your digestion which means that it helps your body extract more of the useful elements from the food you eat and gives you energy. And, that means more energy even for your brain.

Exercise For A Healthy Body and A Healthy Mind

It is very important that you select some exercise that you enjoy because if you do not enjoy it you are not likely to continue it. If you do not enjoy it, you are likely to find excuses not to do it.

Examples of popular exercises are: walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, stationary cycling, aerobic exercise, dancing, stair climbing.

Or play any game that you like. Please note that game here does not mean things such as playing cards, carom, chess, etc which require little physical activity.

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