How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in English (Speaking)

When English Used to be a Humiliating Experience for Me …

We all have great teachers who encourage best in us and brighten our lives.

We also have those who mean well but use negative language that is very discouraging.

Let me tell you about an English teacher I had in class 9 …

I went to a very small neighbourhood school that had only 2 rooms and a few teachers. All students of KG and First class were in one room and class 2 to 5th were in second room. I was in class 3 and there were just 3 students in class 3. I hardly learnt anything.

Then I went to a good government school in class 6 in Ajmer in Rajasthan and they started with ABCD again.

So, when I reached class 9th I was truly weak, never had talked to anyone in English. My English teacher Shri Rameshwar Prasad ji was a typical teacher of that era 1975… he would ask me to stand up and ask “active passive” and “direct indirect” and I would always answer wrong… then his favourite comment used to be this: Karamheen Kheti Kare, Ka to Balad Mare, Ka Kal Pade (English translation: when a lazy farmer wants to grow crop, either the bull dies or there is a famine).

It was a routine humiliating experience for me.

I Continued Struggle …

I continued to struggle with English during the first 2 years in Pilani (during my B.E. studies). I continued to try various ways to learn it. For example, I spent 2 months to read “The Guide by R K Narayan” because I did not know so many words.

And, Finally An “Overnight Success”

Finally, I mastered English and eventually in 1990 became a bestseller author in USA when my second computer book on MSDOS bestseller. I became an “overnight success” in English that took 12 years (now you can benefit from it). Here is the letter I got from the editor.

Just 2 years later in 1991, I returned to India and co-founded “Mind Power Research Institute” with my brother Dr Anil Bapna to help students. We co-authored a book on English that simplified English. That book eliminates 60 to 80% of mistakes for students in about 2 weeks. Then they learn to write and speak in powerful and effective way.

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My best wishes for your success,

Raj Bapna

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