How I Got Interested in Exploring the Power of the Mind

Because a Jain Muni Cured My Headache When Doctors Could Not in 7 Years

I used to have severe headache from class 1st onward and it continued till class 7th.

In the meantime, my parents got me all kinds of treatments, including 15 days at AIIMS in Delhi. I used to miss half the classes and used to cry because of the headache.

Then, fortunately, Shri Pundaric Sagar ji, a Jain muni cured my headache within a few weeks with blessings.

That was my introduction to the power of the mind.

That is where my passion is, and that is why I am dedicated to helping students to use more mind power for success in exams.

There is nothing more important for me than to train students to use more mind power and get success because that is the best way to pay tribute to the guru, who saved me from pain and suffering and sent me in the direction of success.

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