How Can I Get Success?

You may be asking yourself, “How can I get success?

Do you really want to get success? Or, just asking?

How Can I Get Success?

Here what Alex says at Unlesh Reality:

The main reason that you don’t get anything done in life is because you don’t actually want to.

You say you want to. But you don’t really.

I woke up at 4:25 this morning to take a friend to the airport. I usually struggle to wake up at 7am with a symphony of different alarm clocks. But I woke up BEFORE my alarms went off this morning. Why? I had decided to wake up. I decided that I wouldn’t let my friend down and that I would wake up to take him to the airport… whereas other mornings I tell myself that I must wake up at 7am, but I don’t actually want to wake up. I just tell myself to do it because I think I should but I don’t decide to wake up, so I don’t.

People say that they want to improve and be brilliant but that’s not actually what they want.

People say they want to do really well academically but they don’t study. Those who do well make it their purpose to do well. They focus fully when they study, and they study for hours. They decide to do well and do everything to make that happen. They live it. Their decision is beyond just words, they make it their purpose.

People say that they want to improve but actually, their purpose is to “just get by”. And that’s all that happens, they “just get by”. And that’s fine. It’s what they want. On a deep level, at least. They’ll tell you that they want to change and improve, but that’s not what they want.

Empty words.

I really believe that you can do anything. Anything at all. I don’t believe in “intelligence” – in the sense that one person is clever and another isn’t – or the idea that one person can do something and another can’t. I really believe, based on my own experience, that if you want something and decide to do it and make it happen then you can. You can do anything at all as long as you decide to do it.

But there’s the thing:

You have to make that decision – that choice – to do it. The intention behind the decision is what makes the decision bloom. Make that decision, feel it as though it is now, with full intention for that to be true, fully feel that excitement that change brings pulsing through your being – don’t just tell yourself that you’ll do it in a lie intended to protect your lazy, useless existence.

We’re scared of change because we’re worried that changing something means it wasn’t already perfect – and that makes us worry that other things aren’t “perfect” – but improving your life relies on the notion that there’s something to improve.

That which you are on a deep level is changeless, perfect, whole and complete. But we can still improve the situations we experience. The experiencer, that which you are, is perfect and changeless but the experience can be changed and improved upon when you decide to do so.

But unless you fully commit and decide to do something – to improve or change something – your indecisiveness will keep you torn between where you are and where you want to be, it’ll create resistance that will limit your potential action, and it will cloud your awareness of the reality of the situation.

You have to make a whole-hearted, committed decision that resonates in every tingle of your being, giving you that “I will do this no matter what” motivation to do something – to act on that decision and to actually improve.

Decide to do something.
Or don’t.
But take responsibility and make a decision.
…because if you don’t, nothing will change.

You decide.


Ask yourself again sincerely and deeply “How can I get success?

And, if you do, you’ll be far more likely to get success.

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