How Beliefs Really Work and How You Can Benefit from this Understanding

How does a negative belief work? A negative belief is like an obstacle.

For example, suppose you are asked to speak to a group of 200 people. If you believe that you are not good at speaking, then you will not be self-confident. As a result, when you stand up and talk, you will lack the power, you will assume that you are not speaking well, and you will yourself feel bad. That will have bad effect on your speech. The result will be that you will not be satisfied with the speech. And this will confirm to yourself that you are not good at speaking in public.

There is a loop. A negative loop. This loop helps maintain the negative belief.

The positive beliefs work in the same way. They make positive loops and that maintain the positive beliefs.

How to benefit starting today

Start today to spend a few minutes in the morning to repeat to yourself the beliefs you want to have or you want to become stronger within yourself.

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