Happy to be back home from Richard Bandler workshop in Amsterdam (Holland)

Hello friend,

I am happy to be back home from a very rewarding workshop by the genius Richard Bandler, creator of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Learnt new techniques that will help students more through my articles (via email or on this blog) and through whatever I create going forward.

More about the workshop: 190 people from around the world attended the workshop in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This city has many museums and canals including the museum of Van Gogh and other great painters.

One of the key focus of Ricahrd was to teach “How to be more happy for no reason at all”. When you feel happy, your brain produces certain chemicals that makes you think better and make better decision. You enjoy more what you do. Think about it.

Here are two photos:


More later.
Be happy, make better decisions, and win in the world,

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