For answer to your biggest question / problem …

Great response.

Together all of you asked a total of about 200 questions related to

  • communications / English speaking
  • GRE, CAT
  • IAS, IIT
  • Other exams /competitions

To help you the most, I am just wondering if you have Internet broadband connection and a headphone because if you have, then I can plan to offer you Webinar where I can answer the questions by telling my answers and then you can even type your questions and get clarification.

So, please tell me in the comments below (at the end of this blog/page) if you want me to offer the webinar.

If you do want webinar, will Saturday / Sunday evening 8-9 be good time for you?

(Note: Webinar means you use Internet broadband to listen to me talk and you use your headphone for it. And, there is no phone charges for you for this)



PS: Please note that I offer 30 minute consulting on phone for Rs 5,000 to individual client. If you want this option email your request to [email protected]

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