Do you feel hesitation, frustration or fear when you speak in English even though you can write?

Do you face any of these difficulties and problems?

  • Do you avoid speaking in English because you feel fear or hesitation or because you may make mistakes and look stupid?
  • Do you lack confidence when you express ideas to others in English? Are you very weak in English speaking?
  • Are you missing out on big opportunities in life just because of lack of confidence in English?
  • Do you feel frustration or do you feel depressed when seeing that you are being left behind in life by others who are not even half as good as you?
  • Have you been working hard and struggling for long time trying to become good and fluent in spoken English but not getting success to the level you want and having a sense of frustration and helplessness?

If you answered yes to any, you may want to discover a short-cut, and that is to use just 1 page of grammar for speaking English:

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