Difference Between Mind Machine & Mind Power Study Techniques

They are totally different.

  • Mind Power Study Techniques is a course material that teaches you skills and techniques that you learn and practice.
  • Mind machine is an electronics device where you use headphone and glasses for 7 minutes, it does its work of changing your brainwaves, so you can begin to study longer with more concentration and better memory.
Mind Power Study Techniques Mind Machine
It is a course that teach you a complete system of secrets, skills, and techniques, which you need to practice to become good at learning faster. For example, you learn techniques to read faster and to revise in systematic way. It is an electronic device that has hardware plus programs. The same hardware works with different programs. Examples of programs are: Accelerated Learning and CAT/GRE Vocabulary.
You learn the skills and techniques over weeks and practice over weeks to become better and better at your studies. For example, you have to practice reading faster initially with newspaper, magazines, etc. Nothing to learn. The mind machine simply does two things:(1) Changes your brain waves so you are in a state of relaxation and without stress, so your mind works better, you focus better, study better.(2) You hear 2 stories (a different story in each ear) which are so complex, nobody can understand both simultaneously. After a few minutes, our mind stops trying to understand, and then the messages you hear as part of the stories program your subconscious mind for changing beliefs. For example, you’ll hear “You have great memory. You remember whatever you study.
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Which One to Order?

I know how a student can feel frustrated and helpless because there is just too much of course material to finish but not enough time.

To maximize your success, you have to solve this problem. What you need are both these:

  1. Mind machine (Accelerated Learning & Exam Mastery) to help you learn faster and avoid silly mistakes when you write your exams.
  2. Mind Power Study Techniques, which is free on this blog, teaches concepts, skills, techniques to enable you to revise more in less time and in a systematic manner, so you can get maximum result from your hard work.

Note that hard work alone is not enough because for all tough exams in India, only about 1 to 4% people get success and from 96% to 99% people fail.


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