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Dear Friend,

Congratulations on getting this book free.

Why did I make it free for you?

Because this book has changed so many lives and I’ve been getting emails now (used to be letters in the past) of how they’ve used this book and make their dreams of success in an exam for job or admission come true.

I want every student to get this benefit without any cost.

Now every student in India has a mobile phone (or computer) and can benefit from it.

Tens of thousands of copies of the printed edition of this book were sold at Rs 495, on a 100% money-back guarantee basis, for over 15 years, right up to 2022.

I want you to know that I am now 60+ years old and want to help crores of students become better and compete in the world to get more success. Previously in all of my 30 years, I’ve been able to help only lakhs any more. The time is limited.

I also want you to know that this book is really really good.

Please read it as if you’ve just paid me Rs 4950. I promise you, you’ll be happy with the results.

Please know that I have been revising this book every couple of years for over 3 decades. During the 30+ years, many students and professors have made suggestions that have helped make it even better today than ever before.

You’ll learn all kinds of tools and techniques to make it easier and faster to learn and benefit.

With my best wishes and god’s blessings,

Raj Bapna.
5 Sept, 2022
Udaipur (India)



I dedicate this book to the two people who made this book possible, even though I never met them.


The most outspoken enlightened man.
Osho’s tapes and books gave me the courage to leave my high paying job in the USA and return to India to do my dream work of developing this book to help students.

Pankaj Udhas

The greatest gazal singer.
His gazal “Chitti Aai Hai” gave me the motivation to return to India to do my dream work of sharing my expertise in mind power and study techniques to help students.




Personal Welcome

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your wise purchase of this book. I want to personally welcome you to the wonderful world of Raj Bapna’s Mind Power Study Techniques.

By using this book, you will study more effectively than 99% of the students and because you are competing against them, you will be at a great advantage in competitions.

We started the Mind Power Research Institute because schools and colleges do not teach how to use your mind power and how to study for success in competitions. At this institute, we have one and only one goal: how to help you use more of your mind power for your success.

I want to know how greatly you are benefiting from this book.

So, please email me at [email protected], and your message and name may appear on our website, future editions of this book, or promotions.

I read all your emails, but may not be able to reply to all due to limited time.

Wishing you a big success,
Raj Bapna

How this Book was Developed and Why

You may be curious to know how I developed this book and why.

I have had many successes and many failures in my life.

I made silly mistakes that caused failures for me and I learned techniques to develop skills that helped me to get big success.

I happened to discover special ways to learn. For example, I developed a new way to learn Chemistry that helped me get the highest marks in Chemistry in the High School Rajasthan Board Exam, and that was a pleasant surprise for me especially because I did not like Chemistry as a subject and did not enjoy studying it. Physics and Maths were what I liked. I got 5th rank in the board exam and won the NTSE scholarship from NCERT.

Then, during my engineering education, I noticed that certain ways of studying were helping me and some of my friends to get more marks. In the second-year course on Report Writing, I selected the topic “How to Get High Marks at BITS, Pilani”.

I continued to get success and did M.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur and finally went to the USA.

As I made money in the USA I was delighted and I used some of it to buy a lot of books on the topics relating to mind power, learning and success. I bought audio programs and a mind machine. I attended seminars.

These were not cheap for me because I was from a middle-class family and before going to the USA, I had only a bicycle and had never driven a car, scooter, or a motorcycle. But, the thought in my mind was, “If I am willing to give up the good job at Intel and return to India, where I expect to earn only Rs 10,000 a month helping students, then I should be willing to spend some of my hard-earned money to buy books, audio programs, mind machines and learn in seminars, so that I can help the students to the very best of my ability.”

I also realized this: “If I don’t buy now, I may not get a chance to buy later because buying American products from India is so much more difficult.”

With such thoughts, I spent the money: The mind machine cost me $327 and most single audio programs cost between $10 to $40. One audio program set on Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler cost me $145 and another audio program set on Brain/Mind Expansion by John-David cost me $345. The Anthony Robbins seminar was $445 and the Richard Bandler seminar cost me $1290.

And, in the end, I became a real expert on how to use more mind power, how to study for success in exams and competitions, and how to memorize faster.

By the way, my family had wanted me not to settle down in the USA but return to India and do something good in our own country.

I worked hard to make good money before returning to India. I went on to charge my clients $18,002 for the single month of December 1990.

I started developing this book while I was still in the USA. Then, I returned to India, and my brother and I started Mind Power Research Institute to help students get success and we quickly printed 1000 copies of this book.

We never expected to print any more copies. But to our pleasant surprise, the editors of newspapers, magazines, and professional journals gave glowing reviews, and readers including doctors, engineers, professors, teachers, and others loved it and admired it. For example, here is what some of them said.

Times of India:
“Simple, effective, practical techniques to improve overall intelligence and mind power. Even average students can easily understand.”

Indian Banks’ Association Bulletin:
“Powerful, practical, easy. It will help all students, bank officials, and others appearing for tests, exams, and interviews.”

Anand Bazar Patrika:
“It has many techniques to increase your mind power quickly.”

Malayalam Manorama:
“It teaches how to succeed in exams and life struggles.”

Management Accountant (ICWA journal):
“Scientifically developed to help students and readers to increase their mind power. The techniques are explained in simple and easy-to-understand language. Recommended for students and general readers. This book is worth reading and practicing.”

Chartered Accountant (CA journal):
“To wake up students … to tackle the problems of study and life … to achieve a fair degree of success. I have seen a school boy of age 13 reading and finding it very absorbing and revealing. Gives techniques for study efficiency, exam secrets, reading faster, use of vitamins, etc.”

And unexpectedly, this book soon became a mega best seller because the readers liked it and benefited from it. One of our students even set a new all-India memory record to enter the Limca Book of Records.

Soon we were gripped by excitement. as we started getting hundreds and hundreds of letters thanking us for the great benefit students started experiencing in their lives as a result of the secrets and techniques that they learned.

Students were grateful for the help and guidance they got. Many asked me not to return to the USA. These letters of gratefulness motivated me not to go back to the USA, but continue to stay here.

So, I stayed here for 9 years before taking a 3-year break between 2000 and 2003 to go to California, the USA as a founding member of a software company to develop innovative software for telecommunication and to make money for myself.

Since 1991, we have spent full time (we don’t have other jobs or shops) doing research in India with the single goal of helping students. Various products and courses we developed are at www.MindPowerIndia.com.

In 2004, we developed 2 powerful mind machines with cassettes for students to memorize vocab 3 to 7 times faster and to learn any subject better.

In 2007, we developed Super IQ 7.0 mind machine using digital sound technology. We used electronic equipment with CDs and DVDs. Now, those CDs and DVDs have been replaced by pendrive.

We have edited and improved this book almost every year since it was first published in 1991. So, please realize this is no ordinary book, but a powerful course that magically changed students’ lives. This book represents the best we know about how to use your mind power for success in competitions and life. This book is more powerful now than ever before.

I hope you realize and appreciate the fact that this book contains my life experience from both my successes and failures and it is built on enormous knowledge and hard work. This book is very close to my heart and I am glad you are going to use it for your success.

I know from the experience of lakhs of students that if you use this book, you will greatly benefit.

I trust this book will find its way to those students who want to get success and high ranks in competitions. And I hope many many more will use and benefit from it.

Learn the Best of India and the World

India has known the power of the mind for thousands of years. Yoga and Ayurveda were developed more than 5,000 years ago. We have been the first and foremost civilization in the world. The total effort of the Indian genius has been in search of God. Unlike others, we, the Indians, never focused on building weapons.

My whole effort here is to combine some of these 5000-year-old Indian techniques with the latest scientific discoveries in

brain research, nutrition, psychology, and music in America and other countries with our research. The result is this surprisingly effective course Raj Bapna’s Mind Power Study Techniques.

I teach you to use some of the same mind power techniques that have been used in search of God. But, a student can use these techniques for a different purpose-getting more marks, high rank, and achieving big success. And I teach you these old techniques from the point of view of a scientist.

This book is practical. For example, when I tell you to take vitamins every day, you learn different recommendations based on how much you can spend.

Another example, I never ask you in this book to “Be confident”. It is like asking someone to “Be a millionaire”. It is foolish. Being a millionaire is not like just removing your old clothes and wearing new clothes. Being a millionaire means having wealth in the bank. Similarly, feeling confident means having confidence inside you. I teach you easy practical ways to feel confident. I do not just ask you to feel confident, I teach you the techniques that make it possible for you to become confident. My methods have solid foundations in Science. My techniques are scientific.

You can yourself verify everything in this book by using a little effort, usually in just 15 or 30 minutes.

Using the techniques in this book for one week will convince you that they are amazingly powerful.

This whole course uses a comprehensive approach. In a sense, this whole course is about improving memory. Or this whole course is about increasing intelligence. Or about concentration. Or about success in competition. All of these aspects are interrelated. They all depend on one another or support one another. When one aspect improves, the others also improve automatically.

For example, reading faster improves your concentration because the mind gets enough work, so it does not have time to go in different directions or get distracted. Scientific studies have proved that reading faster improves understanding. This leads to improvement in both memory and concentration. Most of the intelligence tests only measure your ability for memory and concentration.

You will learn many techniques such as memory techniques, faster reading techniques, a technique for relaxation, and a technique for sitting in the class. But in a general sense, these techniques are all about memory and concentration and intelligence, and success in competition. They cannot be separated from one another.

Seven Suggestions on How to Get Maximum Benefit from this book for Your Success

As you read and learn from this book, I believe you realize that it contains a great deal of wisdom that instantly changes you. Don’t read it superficially. Read it sincerely and expect big improvements.

Please follow these suggestions to get the maximum benefit from this book:

  • As a student, understand and realize that education and competitive exams are very important for success in your life.
  • Do not skip any exercise or technique.
  • It helps you if you plan a fixed place and a fixed time each day that you can read this book and learn.
  • As you learn secrets (information and knowledge), you instantly gain wisdom and change without any delay. You instantly begin to benefit from the new knowledge and wisdom.
  • As you learn techniques, you need to practice them to develop new skills and talents. Reading a technique and practicing just once is not enough to get the full benefit.
  • Realize that learning any new technique or skill is like learning to ride a bicycle. It requires practice and patience. You do not learn to ride a bicycle in one hour. In the same way, do not try to read this course like a novel in one afternoon and expect to learn my powerful techniques.
  • To make the fullest use of this book, plan to spend about half an hour every day for a few weeks.

I wish you success in your exams, your job/business, and your life.

Raj Bapna.



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