Binaural Beats for Meditation Affects Distribution of Limited Brain Resources

Binaural beats for meditation has positive impact on how your brain uses the limited resources.

Here is a simple way to understand what it means: that binaural beats for meditation provide mental training and mental training affects how the limited resources of the brain get utilized.

The peer-reviewed journal of Public Library of Science (PLoS Biology) published an article by researchers Heleen A. Slagter1, Antoine Lutz1, Lawrence L. Greischar1,Andrew D. Francis1, Sander Nieuwenhuis2, James M. Davis1, Richard J. Davidson. Here is the summary:

Mental Training Affects Distribution of Limited Brain Resources

Meditation includes the mental training of attention, which involves the selection of goal-relevant information from the array of inputs that bombard our sensory systems. One of the major limitations of the attentional system concerns the ability to process two temporally close, task-relevant stimuli. When the second of two target stimuli is presented within a half second of the first one in a rapid sequence of events, it is often not detected. This so-called “attentional-blink” deficit is thought to result from competition between stimuli for limited attentional resources. We measured the effects of intense meditation on performance and scalp-recorded brain potentials in an attentional-blink task. We found that three months of intensive meditation reduced brain-resource allocation to the first target, enabling practitioners to more often detect the second target with no compromise in their ability to detect the first target. These findings demonstrate that meditative training can improve performance on a novel task that requires the trained attentional abilities.

original article is here

The above research article provide even more evidence that mental training and meditation help your brain work better.

And, what ist he easiest way to do meditation or mental training? The answer is use of binaural beats for meditation because of ease of use and powerful results.

My conculsion is that if you are not yet using binaural beats or meditation or mental training, begin today.

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