Binaural Beats for Hypertension

Are there special binaural beats for hypertension?

The answer is that since meditation has been proven to help with hypertension and since binaural beats allow you to do meditation easily, yes, binaural beats for hypertension are worth trying .

Here is what a New York Times article on “heart attacks” says about hypertension:

Can Meditation Curb Heart Attacks?

Another recent study focusing on transcendental meditation, published in The American Journal of Hypertension, focused on a young healthy population. It found that stressed-out college students improved their mood through T.M., and those at risk for hypertension were able to reduce their blood pressure. Dr. Schneider was also involved in that study, which was carried out at American University in Washington and included 298 students randomly assigned to either a meditation group or a waiting list.

Students who were at risk of hypertension and practiced meditation reduced systolic blood pressure by 6.3 millimeters of mercury and their diastolic pressure by 4 millimeters of mercury on average.

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If you have hypertension, it is worth testing binaural beats for hypertension approach to meditation.

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