Binaural Beats for Habits

Binaural beats for habits is an easy and powerful way if you want to form new habits.

Now, research shows that habits form when the brainwaves slow down.

Of various ways to slow down brainwaves such as meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer, and others, binaural beats for habits is the easiest way.

Here is what Wendy Zukerman says in New Scientist:

Habits form when brainwaves slow down

Habits may be difficult to change, but now at least we have an insight into how they form.

When a group of neurons fire simultaneously, the activity appears as a brainwave. Different brainwave-frequencies are linked to different tasks in the brain.

To track how brainwaves change during learning, Ann Graybiel and Mark Howe at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used electrodes to analyse brainwaves in the ventromedial striatum of rats while they were taught to navigate a maze.

As rats were learning the task their brain activity showed bursts of fast gamma waves. Once the rats mastered the task, their brainwaves slowed to almost a quarter of their initial frequency, becoming beta waves. Graybiel’s team suspects this transition reflects when learning becomes habit.

Bernard Balleine, a neuroscientist at the University of Sydney, Australia, says the slower brainwaves may be the brain weeding out excess activity to refine behaviour. He suggests it might be possible to boost the rate at which you learn a skill by enhancing such beta-wave activity.

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1113158108

Struggling to change some habit? Want to form a new habits?

As the article reports in National Academy of Sciences, consider slowing down your brainwaves.

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