Binaural Beats for Cancer Patients

Binaural beats for cancer patients can be a simple and effortless way to get the benefits of meditation in their fight for healing, comfort and pain control.

Meditation has been used for centuries because it works.

There is general misinformation that doing meditation requires you to get new religious beliefs, but that is not true with most meditations specially using binaural beats.

As Cathy Clark writes at lsureveille News Blog:

Benefits of Meditation for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients struggle daily through pain, emotional fluctuations and decreased mental alertness. Cancer diagnosis takes it toll on all aspects of the human anatomy and psyche. Studies performed by MIT and Harvard neuroscientists have brought natural treatments to the forefront of cancer news. According to a 2011 study cited by MIT in the Brain Research Bulletin journal, patients who suffer from cancer such as mesothelioma could better handle pain and emotional turmoil with daily meditation. The first main point made by meditation practitioners is that stress decreases healing potential within the body. Therefore, cancer patients have a more difficult time fighting off the effects of the disease itself. By focusing inner energies and thoughts to a specific location on the body, patients can block the pain receptors and decrease discomfort, mentally. As this occurs, thoughts and negative emotions are pushed to the back of the brain, so to speak, and the stress is lifted temporarily.

Imagine the effects of a mesothelioma prognosis on a patient who is otherwise the picture of health. The stages of emotion from grief to acceptance pave the way for a long recovery full of emotional ups and downs. Add the stress of different treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation and you have a recipe for tension. Stress has long been associated with the body’s ability to heal itself. For this reason, committing to a regular meditation routine can help patients cope and increase immune system efficiency. When the immune system is functioning at full potential, the odds of beating cancer increase drastically. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation also alleviates other negative emotions such as anger and depression that are common in cancer patients.

While it is possible to successfully complete treatment without meditation, secondary symptoms related to an increase in stress hormones can occur. Symptoms include increased blood pressure and a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Many doctors have begun to recommend meditation in conjunction with cancer treatments to promote a more positive outlook in their patients. Meditation has been proven to increase the amount of alpha waves that are present in the brain’s cortex, according to MIT. These alpha waves suppress negative emotions by decreasing the sensory distraction in the brain such as worry and tension. Alpha waves also help with sensations such and pain and tingling. In general, the higher the alpha waves the stronger the pain threshold. Because of this study, further research into the effects of meditation and cancer are forthcoming, as scientists delve into the effects of the brain on cancer symptoms.

Binaural beats for cancer patients is an effortless way to get the benefits of meditation, so if you know someone who is suffering from cancer, please let them know of binaural beats for cancer patients.

Just want to clarify that there are no special or separate binaural beats needed for cancer patients, any good alpha or theta binarual beats will work great. And, to get sleep, I recommend theta or delta binaural beats.

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