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Raj Bapna


  The goal of this blog is to help students and working professionals get more success. The focus is on studies and exams, and also includes other related issues. For our courses, tools, and techniques, please click: www.MindPowerIndia.com  

Parents’ Guide

How to guide and help your son or daughter to do their best in exams whether they are in preschool or in school or college Parents frequently ask me for Tips for Their Son or Daughter. Many tell me they…

How to Focus – TEDx

How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey Watch this video and you’ll learn to focus better. The real problem is not that we are distracted, but it is that we are “over stimulated” and we “crave distraction”.…

Those Little Things in Life

How I spent 32 years in prison | George Martorano | TEDxPenn What this video to learn how George made the best of what was available to him. Then think about what situation you are in and what you can…